Aluminum Fencing – Decorative & Secure

Whether you're looking to boost curb appeal or maximize security on your property, aluminum fencing is the way to go. Aluminum fences are not only aesthetically appealing, but also offer top notch security. Read on for important reasons to consider installing an aluminum fence vs other fencing types.
Aluminum Fencing – Decorative & Secure

A Guide to Aluminum Fencing

Most homeowners would agree that for nearly any home improvement project, the best case scenario is finding a solution that is the perfect balance of good looks, functionality, high quality, and budget-friendliness.

Does this ‘sweet spot’ exist in the world of fence building?

The answer: yes.

This type of fencing goes by many names, which is really quite confusing. The majority of homeowners have heard of all of the names for this type of fencing but would probably be stuck scratching their heads if asked to explain the differences.

No worries. Liberty Fence is here with a continuation of our Comparing Fencing Materials Blog Series to demystify the terms used to describe the same thing: aluminum fencing!

Aluminum fencing is also called ornamental aluminum and sometimes even referred to as wrought-iron (technically different, but looks incredibly similar).

For the sake of simplicity, let’s stick with calling it ‘aluminum fencing’ as we help you get a feel for just how sensible and stylish aluminum fencing can be.

Aluminum Fencing Style Options

One of the many upsides of aluminum fencing is that it can be as unique as you. Whatever aesthetic you are going for on your property, there is an aluminum fence for you.

The most common aluminum fencing is 4′ and 5′ black colored fencing. It’s classic and it matches nearly anything. Those who are going for a more professional or simple look typically prefer this type of fence. It is ideal for businesses and commercial properties needing fencing primarily for security reasons. This popular black aluminum fencing is also well-suited for minimalists.

For those seeking a more decorative ‘statement’ piece in their front yard, ornamental aluminum is the way to go. Liberty Fence offers ornamental aluminum in seven different stunning colors. Aluminum fencing can also be easily personalized to fit any style. Aluminum fencing embellishments such as spear tops, rings, finials, and more can be special ordered to customize the look of your fence. As with nearly any fence, aluminum fences can be further stylized by adding landscaping, string lights, planter boxes, gates and more to achieve the exact look you are going for.

Aluminum Fencing

Install a stylish, high-security aluminum fence on your property.

Functionality & Durability

When it comes to low maintenance, high performance fencing, aluminum is high on the list. Not only is aluminum fencing beautiful, it is also a durable and incredibly secure option.

A properly built aluminum fence can protect what matters most by keeping out unwanted visitors and keeping in pets and children. Granted, aluminum fencing does not provide the privacy that a wood fence or other privacy fence may provide. However, the security level aluminum fencing offers remains high.

Most homeowners who install a fence do not want to have to worry about high-maintenance fence repairs or refinishing every year. Thankfully, aluminum fencing is durable and virtually maintenance-free. It doesn’t require yearly paint jobs or refinishing, and it is also resistant to rust, making it ideal for Minnesota’s high humidity climate. The design of aluminum fencing also makes it an ideal choice for highly windy areas such as the Upper Midwest.

Aluminum fences are a sturdy and durable choice providing great security for your property without making it look like a prison.

Price Range and Value of Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fences are more expensive than most chain link or wood fences, yet typically less expensive than most PVC and composite fences. This makes aluminum fencing a comfortable mid-range fence. Aluminum fencing is high-quality without being overly expensive, which equates to a high value investment.  

Thankfully, aluminum fencing prices remain pretty consistent. Liberty Fence sources its aluminum fencing from here in the US. Prices for other fencing materials, such as cedar and chain link fencing tend to vary week to week due to the instability of the international market as well as ever-changing global steel and wood tariffs.  US-sourced aluminum prices tend to remain more stable.

Building a fence can work to increase the value of your home. Leading property sales company Century 21 Real Estate advises homeowners who are looking to sell to consider building a fence as a selling point, explaining “If you’re trying to sell a house, the appearance of a fence adds value to the home overall. Buyers with children or pets will appreciate the privacy and security of an enclosed backyard.” 

Eco-Friendly Fencing

Since most aluminum fences are made from recycled materials and can be recycled again in the years to come, aluminum fencing is considered environmentally friendly. Opting for a fencing material such as aluminum that requires relatively little energy to manufacture and reduces waste is an eco-smart choice.

If sustainability and eco-friendliness are high on your priority list, opting for a recyclable fence like aluminum is one step closer to reducing your carbon footprint.

Aluminum Fence Installation

If you are as sold as we are on the value of aluminum fencing, we will be more than happy to work together with you to get your fence installed this season.

Here at Liberty Fence, we have years of professional craftsmanship paired with a knack for innovation. We have also been given an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau – giving you confidence that you will receive top quality service.   

When it comes to installing your aluminum fence in the Fargo-Moorhead area, leave the hard work and elbow grease to us! Get in touch for a free fencing estimate. Don’t forget to stay tuned for our next post (pun intended) in the Comparing Fencing Materials Blog Series! 

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