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Fencing & Decking Blog

Our specialty is fencing in Minnesota & North Dakota, so we write about fencing in MN & ND.  Whether you are new or a native to our frozen tundra, we hope you will find something in our blog about fencing that will both intrigue & educate.

Tips for Upper Midwest Homeowners

Our Fencing & Decking Blog features insider tips on the best fencing and deck installation styles for Upper Midwest homeowners looking to boost curb appeal and security on their property without breaking the budget. Read on to find out what fence is best for your property and learn about logistics on installation.

Composite Fence
Fence Installation

Composite Fencing & Decking – Worth the Price Tag?

As a Fargo-Moorhead area homeowner, a lot of factors play into your fencing material decision. You need something that will be durable, low-maintenance, aesthetically appealing, and (let’s not forget), within your budget. Perhaps you’ve been considering wood or vinyl (PVC) fencing to be your best options, especially when counting the cost.

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wood fencing
Cedar Fences

Wood Fencing Style Options – What is Best for Your Property?

Here at Liberty Fence, we are rolling out a brand new Blog Series – Fencing Tips from North Dakota’s Leading Fence Company. We will be your regular source of professional advice, trends, ideas, hacks, and general fencing info to help guide you to success on your property.
Let’s start by guiding you to exactly what wood fence is right for you!

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