Common Fence Problems That Require Repair

Common Fence Problems That Require Repair

The key to having a long-lasting fence is to regularly maintain it. Even fences made from materials of the highest quality will need to be maintained.

All fences are different. Depending on the kind of fence you have, it may be prone to certain types of problems. Keeping your fence in good condition is important, as this protects your property, family, and your pets if you have them. 

Let’s take a look at common fence problems that require repair.

Damage Caused By Rot

If you’re the owner of a wooden fence, rot is your arch-nemesis. While some wood fences are more resistant to rot than others, the weather eventually takes a toll on them.  Rot ruins the look of your fence, but it also compromises the safety and strength of the fence.

There are two types of rot found in fences. Wet rot often occurs at the base of your fence, where the wood comes in contact with the wet earth. You’ll notice that your wood has begun to crack and soften, and there may be a musty smell accompanied by it. 

Dry rot is caused by the exposure of the fence to extremely hot and dry temperatures. Your fence is dried out by the sun and wind, and the protective oils on the wood are dried out. If your fence is dry and crumbly, you’re probably experiencing dry rot.

Sagging or Leaning Fences

A leaning or sagging fence should be addressed as soon as possible. Not only does it ruin the aesthetic of your home, but it can put your property at risk. Your home could be targeted because of the easy access the sagging fence provides.

It’s important to first determine the cause of the sagging or leaning. At times, it may be a result of soil conditions or heavy winds in your area. 

If your fence has moved because of heavy winds, try to return the fence to its original position. It may be necessary to install a tension rod or a brace to give your fence the additional support it needs.

Mildewed Fences

Mildew is a common problem for wood and vinyl fences. Your fences are constantly exposed to the elements, and this can result in mildew in more humid and rainy areas. 

One step you can take to protect your wooden fence from mildew is to stain it. However, if the mildew persists, pressure washing your fence can help to eliminate any stains from mildew. 

For a vinyl fence, try using soap and water along with a pressure washer to help return the fence to its original shine.

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