Composite Fencing & Decking – Worth the Price Tag?

As a Fargo-Moorhead area homeowner, a lot of factors play into your fencing material decision. You need something that will be durable, low-maintenance, aesthetically appealing, and (let’s not forget), within your budget. Perhaps you’ve been considering wood or vinyl (PVC) fencing to be your best options, especially when counting the cost.
Composite Fencing & Decking – Worth The Price Tag?

Still, there’s another big contender on the market that could be worth the relatively higher initial cost:

Trex composite fencing and decking material.

Composite fencing has a famed reputation, and for good reason! That’s why here at Liberty Fence and Deck Co. we are back with our new blog series on Fencing Tips from North Dakota’s Leading Fence Company with a feature on composite fencing.

FAQs on Composite Fencing

You may have seen it before in your own neighborhood whether in the form of decking or fencing. Perhaps you have even held a piece of composite material before. If so you may notice a large difference in weight, and density per foot compared to other fencing materials, such as wood fencing.

If you are considering installing a fence or deck, you may have wondered about composite.

Here are some FAQs we get about composite fencing:

Composite Fencing & Decking – Worth The Price Tag?

What makes composite fencing so heavy duty? Does it need a lot of maintenance? Is composite really more expensive than other fencing materials? More importantly, is composite fencing worth the price tag?

To answer these questions, first let’s get down to the basics of what composite fencing and decking really is, and how it is actually made.

Origins of Composite Fencing

According to the company, Trex composite fencing and decking is made of 96% recycled wood and plastic (an eco-friendly detail we will dive into later). It is well-known in the fencing and construction industry as a durable and trusted building material.

Of course, ‘durable and trusted’ sounds good, but with cost per footage being strikingly higher than other fencing and decking options, some may hold back from committing to a Trex composite fence. Why, then, the high dollar cost?

Is Composite Fencing REALLY More Expensive?

Not necessarily.

Before crossing composite fencing off your list because of upfront costs, consider these amazing ‘big picture’ characteristics of composite that could actually make it less expensive than other fences.

1. Composite Fencing is Virtually Indestructible

Unlike wood, Trex Composite fencing does not rot or succumb to pest damage. On top of that, composite material will not crack or splinter over time.

The interlocking plank design along with the composite material prevents the warping that may occur during certain weather conditions with some other types of fencing.

Composite Fencing & Decking – Worth The Price Tag?

In other words, investing in Trex composite fencing can save you the headache of high maintenance costs and repairs down the road, which brings us to the second point.

2. Extremely Low Maintenance Composite Fencing

Another way composite fencing saves you money in the long run is that it never needs painting or sanding unlike other wood materials that may require these time-consuming tasks every so often to keep up on maintenance.

The virtually maintenance-free nature of composite fencing will either save you from paying Liberty Fence & Deck Co. to come out and stain or repair your fence periodically OR it will save you from countless achy nights after spending long summer days doing it yourself.

This fencing and decking material is also easy to clean. In fact, all you need is a garden hose and occasional soap for any stubborn spots or stains. Though like any fencing material, its color may fade with time, the overall maintenance of Trex composite compared to some other types of fencing is much lower, making life easier, and sweetening the deal.

3. Go Green with Composite Fencing

Many products claim to be eco-friendly, especially since taking steps to protect the environment on home improvement projects has become a big concern for the modern property owner.

Homeowners want to know:

When it comes to Trex composite fencing, just how eco-friendly are we talking?

Trex composite fencing is composed of 96% recycled wood and plastic.

You won’t believe this:

Trex saves 400 million pounds of wood and plastic from landfills each year, making it one of the biggest plastic bag recyclers in the U.S.!

To put this into perspective, imagine you chose to build a fence using Trex composite fencing that was 100 feet long. When you step back to look at that fence, you would in actuality be looking at 140,000 recycled plastic bags! Making plastic bags into fencing is a whole lot better than plastic finding its way into the ocean and into a poor whale’s belly.  

As for recycled wood, did you know that according to the Trex website, their company has never had to cut down a single tree to make their top-notch products? They use saw dust from reclaimed wood that would have otherwise gone to the landfill. Go composite!

4. High Wind Rating on Composite Fencing

Most Upper Midwest homeowners are concerned about installing a fence that will stand up to the windstorms that are unfortunately common to the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Now, plastic and sawdust may not sound like much, but the strength composite fencing provides, along with its innovative, interlocking design gives it a surprisingly high wind rating. That means your investment won’t get blown over during this fall’s first (or last) storm.

Why Choose Us

5. Impressive Composite Fencing Warranty

Here’s an interesting fact that may even be the deciding factor for you as a potential fence buyer:

Though the initial price may seem steep, Trex offers a 25-year residential limited warranty! Twenty five years is a very long time to not have to worry about your fence. You could say that included in the price of composite fencing is a certain peace of mind which, to many homeowners, is a price worth paying.       

6. Composite Fencing Provides Excellent Privacy

The unique design of Trex composite fencing creates a high-privacy border around your home. Sure, this can also be accomplished by many types of fencing materials, but with Trex’s high performance and low maintenance, you know your privacy also goes hand in hand with quality.

In the end, that is our goal here at Liberty Fence; to make sure whatever kind of fence you choose to install, we can offer you privacy backed by true quality, without compromising on performance.

Is Composite Fencing Right for You?

If you are looking for an ultra-low maintenance, eco-friendly, and long-lasting fencing material without the concern of a tight budget, composite fencing might be right up your alley.

However, if your budget doesn’t necessarily agree; no need to worry. Liberty Fence & Deck Co. offers many other high-quality, yet more wallet-friendly fencing options. We will help you find one that is just right for you!

Why not navigate on over to our Fencing Price & Quality Comparison Chart to help you narrow down what fence is the best fit for your property? Don’t forget to contact us for a free estimate on your next deck or fence.

Stay tuned for more tips, hacks, and insider info coming up in the next installation of our new Fencing Tips from North Dakota’s Leading Fence Company Blog Series!

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