Decks – The Perfect Platform for Enjoying Summer

With a simple deck installation, you can take your home to the next level (literally!). Install a deck to help you make the most of the sunshine this summer season.
Decks – The Perfect Platform For Enjoying Summer

Install a Deck

Upper Midwest folks living here in the Fargo-Moorhead area know that we only have a small window of good weather. The number of truly warm, sunny days we get each year are few and precious!

Are you looking for a way to make the most of that short summer window this year?  You are not alone!

If you are like us here at Liberty Fence & Deck Co., you have been peering into your backyard out your slider door, contemplating how exactly you can make the best use of your outdoor space this summer season.

You want to create a relaxing oasis for you and your family to kick back in for summer break, but you’re stumped. What’s missing?

A deck, of course!

Let’s take a walk through how installing a deck can help you maximize your outdoor space, ramp up curb appeal, create a perfect venue for relaxing or hosting your next BBQ, and simultaneously boost property value.

Invest in Relaxation – Install a Deck

What could be better than spending a summer night with friends and family having a drink, listening to or playing music and sharing laughter?

Installing a Liberty Fence & Deck Co. deck provides you as well as your family and friends an awesome spot to relax, unwind, spend time together, and enjoy the outdoors.  

Adding a deck to your backyard creates an excellent platform of possibilities for endless relaxation and recreation ideas. In fact, some home owners have even said that their favorite feature of their home is their deck!

What makes decks so great?

Picture this:

You wake up with the sun and grab your first cup of coffee and head out on your brand new deck to start the day. A few moments spent alone or with your loved one in the fresh air with an elevated view gives you a fresh start and perspective before the day begins. Yes, sitting outside contributes to creativity of the mind and helps you reset in stressful times.

Or how about this:

Your kids are out of school for the summer. It’s time to convert your new deck into a star gazing platform and outdoor movie theater! All that’s left to do is invite friends over, grab a white sheet, projector, sleeping bags, and popcorn. You’ll be making memories in no time!

Maximize Outdoor Space with a Deck

Though a deck may at first glance seem to be a simple addition, adding a deck to the front or back of your home can help you make the most of your property.

Indoor space is always limited. Installing a deck can help you expand your living space into your back yard. 

A deck is actually a relatively inexpensive and quick remodel project that can instantly improve your home in terms of functionality, beauty, and value.

Decks – The Perfect Platform For Enjoying Summer

If you’re looking to squeeze every last drop out of your property, a deck is a simple way to just that. In fact, HGTV lists adding a deck as one of 10 smart ways to add value to your home.

They advise “Expand living space by adding a deck… Increasing the amount of usable space in a home always equates to adding more value… The creation of more living space makes life more enjoyable for homeowners now and adds an appealing selling feature for the future.”

Install a Deck

A beautiful deck would be a dreamy addition to your home, adding curb appeal and optimizing your living space!
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Decks Boost Curb Appeal

Whether you have an extravagant view from your yard or not is not important. Whatever view (or lack thereof) your home has, a little creativity and elbow grease can make your yard worth spending time in!

Installing a deck (and fence, for that matter!) is a big step toward reaching your back yard oasis goals this season. Beyond the fact that decks are highly functional and multi-purpose, they also look fabulous!

Nothing completes the look of a beautiful home like the addition of a smart-looking deck on the front or back. 

We can match the style of your deck to the aesthetic of your home. You are sure to love it!

Once installed, your deck can be customized to fit you and your family’s unique lifestyle. Why not add a patio furniture set, flower pots, a spice garden, string lights, a telescope, a BBQ, or a hot tub? The options are truly endless.

Decks – The Perfect Platform For Enjoying Summer

Increase Property Value – Deck Installation

Financially speaking, installing a deck for your next home renovation project is a relatively low risk investment. This is especially true if you are contemplating selling your property sometime in the near future.

According to Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value Chart, upon resale, Upper Midwest homeowners can recoup an average of over 64% of the initial cost on the addition of a composite deck and over 69% on a wood deck.

Liberty Fence is ready to help you install both composite and wood decking, based on your preference. Buy a deck now, enjoy it with your family, and then get most of your money back when you sell. Win/win!

Start Your Deck Installation

Decks are truly the perfect platform for Upper Midwest folks to enjoy the small window of summer we have. Don’t waste any time getting the ball rolling on your deck build before the weather turns!

Navigate over to our Free Deck Estimate Form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a custom estimate for your property. Our decks are sturdy, low-maintenance, and of course, stunning! Get in touch, and you’ll be relaxing in your cozy deck chair in no time.

Contact us and our friendly staff will happily give you a hand reviewing your options and finding a decking solution in line with your budget. Let’s work together make your house feel more like ‘home’ now, and for future days to come!

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