Different Types of Gates


There are a variety of gates to choose from that will complement your existing fencing. Here is a breakdown of three gate styles that you may need on your property.

Standard Gates

For standard gates, the gate material usually follows the material of the fence. For example, if you have a cedar fence, you’ll likely choose to install a cedar fence gate to get a cohesive look. 

A standard gate is typically a single door big enough to allow people to walk through. It should be the same height as your fence to maintain levels of privacy and security. It would be best if you also gave some thought to where you would like to place the gate’s latch so that it’s high enough that young children can’t reach it easily but low enough that intruders can’t get inside and unlock it.

Standard Gate Pros:

  • Standard gates are more affordable due to their simple design and matching material 
  • Come in a variety of materials (wood, vinyl, chain link, etc.)

Standard Gate Cons

  • You may need to add additional security measures to a standard gate (i.e., padlock)
  • Some may find the design too simple

Pet Gates

Many homeowners choose to install fences to keep their furry friends safe and out of harm’s way. A pet-friendly gate is a finishing touch to a haven for your pet. Pet gates are often used as backyard fence gates to keep your pet from getting out when you’re away from home. When choosing a pet gate, choose a self-latching, self-closing gate. Even if you forget to close the gate properly on your way out, you can still ensure your pet’s safety.

You may also want to give some thought to the size of your dog when deciding on your gate height. If you have a larger dog, your gate height should be over 6 feet. If you have a smaller dog, make sure there are no unnecessary gaps under your backyard fence gate.

Pet Gate Pros

  • Can keep other wildlife out of your backyard and garden area
  • Provides both your family and pets with added security

Pet Gate Cons

Pool Fence Gates

While some may argue that a pool fence gate is the least exciting gate on the property, it may be the most crucial for homeowners with small children. 

Similar to a pet gate, a self-locking pool gate is a vital part of your pool fencing. However, it may be best to choose a custom metal gate to secure the right height for your pool gate. To bump up your pool gate security, ensure that your gate can only swing outwards from the pool, making it harder for children to push their way into the pool area unattended.

Pool Gate Pros

  • Protects your children from accidental drowning 
  • Can provide your backyard with added aesthetic

Pool Gate Cons

  • Material can be more costly
  • Some homeowners worry about view obstruction

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