Do Fences Add Value to Your Home?

Do Fences Add Value To Your Home?

Many homeowners who are looking to incorporate large changes to their home or property often wonder if those new installations will yield a significant return on their investment when it comes to their home sale price — or at least a little something to justify the cost of their project.

While outdoor structures like sheds, fences, decks, and fire pits add functionality, privacy, and enjoyment to your property, do they really add significant value to your home price?

While the answer to the question “do fences and decks add value to your home” isn’t so straightforward, we can tell you that in most cases, the answer is almost always yes! While you might not always be able to recoup your full investment depending on the project, in some cases, you may be able to make back your investment and then get a nice return on top.

Do Fences Add Value to Your Home?

Typically, fences almost always add value to your home. However, there are some cases where a fence either does not add value or actually subtracts value from your home. Here are some of those cases:

  • A fence is improperly or poorly installed
  • A fence is accidentally installed outside of your property line
  • A fence is an eyesore for some reason

If you go with a professional fence company, you won’t have to worry about these issues (unless you WANT an eyesore fence.) However, some homeowners install their own fences without getting the property lines surveyed, or they do the job wrong, and it ends up costing them big.

Otherwise, installing an attractive fence professionally almost always adds value to your home because it may add functionality as well as curb appeal.

Unfortunately, it is the case that not all fences in all situations will give you a positive return on your investment. Even if they do add something to the value of your home, it might not be equal to the cost that you spent to set it up. The amount that a fence adds to your property value largely lies in the curb appeal and functionality. If the fence provides safety, security, or privacy, you can expect it to be worth more. Also, if it drastically enhances the way your home or property appear aesthetically, then it will also give a better chance of giving you a proper return on your investment.

Choose The Professionals at Liberty Fence to Get The Best Value

If you choose to install your fence yourself, you risk making a costly mistake that may cause you to have to take your fence back out and do it again, or the improperly installed fence may become an eyesore and decrease your home value.

On the other hand, an attractive, well-installed fence will add value to your property and perhaps even give you a hefty ROI.

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