Fence Repair

Fence Repair

As with any feature of your home or business, everything requires maintenance. Over time, even the most quality fences will need to be maintained and repaired. Here at Liberty Fence Co., we not only install fences, but we are also highly experienced in repairing and renewing existing fences, whether originally installed by us or not.

Fence Maintenance – A Fact of Life

There are a wide variety of factors that could lead to your fence falling into damage or disrepair. Whether chew marks and scratches from your family dog, wear and tear from kids playing in the back yard, or that pesky Great Plains wind, Liberty Fence Co. has you covered. Natural forces, accidents, and natural wear on fences make repairs a necessary fact of life.

Let Us Fix Your Fence

Whatever caused damage to your fence (or deck), Liberty Fence Co. is happy to help. A professional from our team will come to survey the damage and provide you with a no-obligation estimate on what it will take to get your fence or deck back in mint condition.

Liberty Fence Co. can even place stronger footings for your fence to make sure it is properly anchored and prevent future damage from occurring the next time a big gusts whips through the neighborhood.

Our experienced team of fencing experts knows exactly how to find the perfect match for your existing materials.  We will remove any broken or worn-down sections of your fence, replacing and repairing it where necessary. When we are finished, you deck will be restored to its original strength and beauty.


When a company has been building fences as long as we have, you can bet we know what we are doing.  Our team of installers will install your new fence with a quality to their craftsmanship that you will not find anywhere else.  Wood Fences, Decorative Fences, Metal Fences – we do them all.


New deck installation is second nature to us.  We have a team of professional deck builders that can install any wood or composite decking.  Not sure what type of deck you want?  Use our handy Deck Estimate Form and we’ll provide you with a free quote!

Repair & Maintain

If your existing fence just needs to be repaired, or you would like regular fence maintenance performed to preserve the life of your fence, we have you covered. Use our Fence Repair and Maintenance request form to get your free quote today!

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