Fencing Options To Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior

Privacy Fences

Fencing Options for Security, Comfort, and Privacy

When you install a new fence in your home you should get 3 things out of it; security, comfort, and privacy.  Homeowners often take various measures involving the interior and exterior of their house to make sure they get all 3.  Occupants of the house spend a significant amount of their time inside the house and spend a lot of time sprucing up the interiors, but it’s important not to forget the exterior of the home.

For a house to achieve an overall aesthetic boost, the exterior of the house should be given due consideration. One way to give your home a unique look, while also enhancing its beauty, is to consider installing a new fence.

A fence is one of the most basic elements that can be used to up the visual quotient of any house. Fencing also serves the basic needs of privacy and security, the two primary reasons why an individual invests in a house.

Searching for a New Fence

The search for an ideal fence, and the right fencing company starts off with a proper assessment of your home needs, your budget, and an understanding of the style of fence you are insterested in. Understanding the purpose of installing a new fence will lead you to the right choice of materials and help you decide on a budget.  An aluminum security fence is often the most ideal option for a smaller budget, but still affords privacy and a pleasing look.

To help you in the process of choosing which fence to have installed, we’ve listed fencing options below that are available to a homeowner.

  1. Wood Fencing
    • Wood fences are one of the most attractive options on the market. A new wood fence gives a warm and welcoming appeal to the outside of the house.  As a homeowner if you are looking for privacy, then this makes for an ideal fencing option as the height of the wood can help shield the house from outsiders.  Depending on the type of wood you choose, your wood fence can last the lifetime. Though an economical option, increasing the height of the fence may impact the price, as the more lumber you need, more expensive the project will be.
  2. PVC Fencing
    • PVC is, hands down, one of the most economical fencing options. It boasts great strength and durability, and does not run the risk of getting rotten as it does not absorb moisture.  Since a PVC Fence does not stain easily, it is easier to clean and maintain.  It is free of toxic materials as it is not treated with any harmful chemicals.  This means that choosing PVC as your fencing material is a smart option to meet your fencing needs without breaking your bank.
  3. Wrought Iron Fencing
    • This might not be the top choice for a conservative budget, wrought iron can provide a stately and grand visual appeal to the entrance of a home.  These fences are quite strong and sturdy with great height, making them ideal if your primary reason for a fence is security.  One of the drawbacks to wrought iron (or steel fences) is that they require constant upkeep to maintain its beauty. They have to be sanded or repainted every couple of years. Since this fence is custom made, it is a more expensive option than either PVC or Wood Fencing.
  4. Chain Link Fencing
    • If you are looking for a low cost, durable, and hassle-free fence, then this is your best bet.  Chain link fences are popular around many commercial buildings and schools.  While it performs all the basic functions of a fence, it is not great for homeowners who are looking to get some privacy in their property.  Chain link fences can can keep out unwanted people and provide a barrier from people looking in, especially if you ad vertical slats to your fence.  Oftentimes, homeowners add shrubbery, flowers, or vines around the fence, or even add privacy slats on the outside of the fence to give them a greater level of privacy.
  5. Bamboo Fencing
    • Bamboo fencing is a green option that is fast gaining popularity in the market.  Given many peoples environmental concerns, this type of fence is coveted by many.  Bamboo is very fast growing which makes it a sustainable resource material for fences.  It is also one of the most environmentally friendly fencing options available.  Bamboo fencing comes in three styles: live bamboo, bamboo cane, and rolled bamboo. Rolled bamboo and bamboo cane are sturdier than live bamboo. Though a great option for the environment and the green-minded individuals, it is not recommended for homes in colder climates.
  6. Palisade Fencing
    • A flexible and attractive option (thanks to its open slots, heights, finishes, and colors) this is one of the best options for homeowners with high security concerns. Constructed from hot and cold rolled steel sections, it comes in a ‘D’ or ‘W’ profile, with ‘W’ providing the highest security. So, if you are looking for a strong barrier against intruders and vandals, this is an ideal option for you.  The price for a palisade fence can be a bit steep.  You can add triple pointed spikes or razor wire, making it even more impenetrable.  If security is one of the reasons you are installing a new fence, this is a great choice.
  7. Aluminum Fencing
    1. Aluminum security fencing is yet another popular option with homeowners. It is one of the most basic, yet an attractive and economical option for enhancing the visual appeal of your exteriors. It is also easy to maintain and does all the basic functions of a fence. You can choose to paint and decorate it to suit your style and match your home.  This fencing provides a winning deal given its flexibility in terms of price, maintenance, and appeal.

The type of fence you choose, plays a pivotal role in how the exterior of your house looks.  If you know why you want a fence installed, it becomes easier to select the right material, choose the look, and decide on a budget. Contacting a professional fence installation company that has years of experience in this area will make the job that much easier and fun, giving you an end result that looks simply stunning!

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