How Much Does it Cost to Build a Fence in the Fargo-Moorhead Area?

As with any home improvement project, calculating the cost of your fence installation is an important step before the digging begins. Let's take a look at the factors that play into how much building your fence will actually cost and how you can get a fair estimate.
How Much Does It Cost To Build A Fence In The Fargo-moorhead Area?

There is likely an infinite amount of home improvement projects you’d like to do on your house. Prioritizing what to do and when gets tough. Countless factors play into the decision of what projects to invest in. For example, the needs of your family, personal goals for your home, how a project affects property value, etc.

Most often, however, the deciding factor ends up boiling down to cost. The same applies to fence installation. If for one reason or another building a fence is one of your home improvement priorities, you’re likely wondering “How much does it cost to build a fence?”  Or perhaps more specifically “How much does it cost to build a fence in Fargo?”

Estimating How Much a Fence Will Cost

Likely you’ve tried using an online tool to calculate home renovation/improvement projects, such as this Online Remodeling Calculator. It’s a good start for getting a point of reference. However, it’s more difficult to find specifics on fencing, beyond one or two fencing types.  

As one of the Fargo-Moorhead area’s top fence contractors, we recognize cost is a valid and important question on the minds of our clients.

Here at Liberty Fence & Deck Co. we are by no means a corner-cutting, budget fencing contractor. No, we don’t believe in scrimping on quality materials or using shotty craftsmanship to make a quick buck. We work with fencing suppliers to get superior fencing material products, and we use our top handiwork on every job.

Still, we fully understand that nobody wants to pay an arm and a leg for a fence, no matter how good of quality the fence is. We get it!

That’s why we’re here to walk you through some main factors that play into how much your fence will cost, and help you get an idea of what to expect when you hire an Upper Midwest fencing contractor.

Project Specifications Affect Fence Cost

Often, the cost of a fence depends greatly on the specifications of the project. Before we can give an estimate, we have to consider the reason for building the fence.

Fargo-Moorhead area residents build fences for a wide variety of reasons such as:

  • Containing pets or children
  • Creating privacy on a property
  • Ramping up a home’s security
  • For simple decoration
  • To define property boundaries

Each of these circumstances calls for special consideration when estimating how much a fence will cost.

Fencing – The Best Backdrop For Stunning Landscaping

For example, if a fence is being installed for privacy reasons, the fence will need to be tall, perhaps 6 feet, whereas a decorative garden fence may only need to be 4 feet tall. Even if the same type of fencing material is used, it only makes sense that the taller fence would cost more, since it will ultimately use more material. Still, the height of the fence is not the only factor.

Other factors that play into how much a fence will cost include:

  • How large is the property? It only makes sense that the bigger the area that needs fenced, the higher the fence will cost, since more materials and labor will be needed.
  • Do you plan to incorporate any special features? Adding stone columns or brick work, for example, will cost more, since you’ll have to hire an additional contractor for the masonry work.
  • Do you need any custom gates? Some homeowners need extra-large gates, if for example they are storing large vehicles such as a motor homes or boat on the property. Custom gates are definitely an option, but will of course add to the overall cost, since the gates must be custom ordered and manufactured.
  • Will you use special posts? Homeowners sometimes opt for custom fence posts, whether for aesthetics or strength. As an example, many folks decide to use steel posts when building a wood fence as opposed to wood posts, since the steel adds extra strength and will never rot.

Yet the biggest factor in fence building cost is the type of material you choose. Let’s take a look at your options.

Top Fencing Contractor - Fair Fence Cost

Let's work together to build a fence on your property that will look good for years to come. Before we get started, let's work on getting you an honest fence cost estimate.

Relative Cost of Fencing Materials

Fencing materials range widely in cost based on the value of the material. Here is a simple breakdown of the fencing material options here at Liberty Fence.

Chain Link - $-$$

As the lowest end fencing material in our catalogue, chain link is typically reserved for those who are on a tight budget and need a fence for functionality, not looks. It’s a simple, durable and low-maintenance fence. We typically recommend it for large-scale commercial projects.

Chain Link Fencing – The Missing Link On Your Commercial Property
Wood Fencing - $$-$$$$
Wood Fences

For those looking to boost security and privacy on their property without compromising classic style or breaking the budget, wood fencing is a great option. Granted, it does require more annual maintenance than most other fencing materials, but it is a long-lasting beauty when well maintained.

Aluminum Fencing - $$$-$$$$

Customizable aluminum fencing is high security and highly decorative at the same time. It may be a step up in cost from chain link or wood and lack in privacy, however, aluminum fencing is very low maintenance, stands up to Upper Midwest windstorms, and has an elegant aesthetic.

Aluminum Fences
PVC (Vinyl) Fencing - $$$$-$$$$$
Does Installing A Fence Increase Property Value?

PVC fencing is becoming America’s favorite fence for a reason. Vinyl fencing is highly customizable, able to imitate the color and texture of other materials such as wood, without needing virtually any maintenance. It’s rot, rust and fire resistant and can be cleaned with a garden hose. Worth the extra dollar!

Custom or Composite Fencing - $$$$$$

The occasional homeowner has a dream fence in mind and will do what it takes to design and build their fence. Other homeowners have their eye on environmentally friendly composite fencing, and would like to invest in having one built. Whatever the case, we’d love to make your dream a reality.

Composite Fencing & Decking – Worth The Price Tag?

For a more detailed discussion comparing Liberty Fence Co.’s fence materials, head over to our Fencing Price & Quality Comparison Chart and take a look at our nifty chart.

It Costs More to Build a Fence in the Upper Midwest

Sadly enough for us as Fargo-Moorhead residents, building a fence in the Upper Midwest actually costs more than it does in other parts of the States. Why is this? It comes down to the fact that there are no fencing materials suppliers in the Upper Midwest. Shocking, isn’t it? We agree, but it’s the sad truth.

Here in Minnesota and North Dakota, we are so far removed from fencing suppliers that buying and shipping the fencing material takes on extra cost. That’s why fence installation prices in Fargo-Moorhead are higher than other regions when compared to nationwide industry standards. Trust us, if we could use local suppliers, we would!

Free Fence Estimates

We know that our clients would love to see a list with numbers and figures of how much a fence will actually cost them. Unfortunately, we can’t post exact pricing on our website, since the needs of each fencing project are unique and pricing for fencing materials can fluctuate frequently. Some prices even change from week to week due to global steel and wood tariffs beyond our control.

As you’ve seen, the scope of the project, fencing materials, and many other factors play into a fencing estimate. That’s why we can’t give you a number on how much your fence will cost in a blog. What we can do is come out to your property, learn more about the unique needs of your fence project, answer your questions personally, and give you a fair estimate. We don’t give estimates over the phone, and we do not undercut our competitors.

Fill out this form for a free fence estimate, and we will get in touch!

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