How To Properly Maintain Your Chain Link Fence

How To Properly Maintain Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences have been used for years in industrial settings to properly secure various properties. However, in recent years, homeowners have begun to use them as well. They are fairly inexpensive, making them a great choice for securing large areas such as backyards. 

Although your chain link fence may be of high quality, time and weather can take a toll on the structure of any fence. To increase the longevity of your fence, proper maintenance is key.

Maintaining a Chain Link Fence

Examine Your Fence For Wear and Tear

Don’t let years go by without examining your fence. Although your property may be large, make it a habit of regularly checking all areas of your fence for various wear and tear. 

Chain link fences are typically composed of metal, and this can rust easily, especially in cold weather climates like the Upper Midwest. If you know that your fence may be susceptible to rust, be sure to apply a rust-resistant finish before the colder months come around.

Be sure to make sure that your fence was properly set into the ground. If this was initially done incorrectly, it’s not uncommon for fences to shift. Wear and tear also include any damages inflicted on your fence by large objects such as trees or heavy items. 

Chain link fences aren’t easy to cut through, but if you notice any holes or openings in your fence, make it a point to replace these areas as soon as possible. 

Check for any loose nails, and tighten any loose nails and bolts. If you have a gate on your property, be sure to oil the hinges from time to time to prevent rust. 

Properly Cleaning Your Chain Link Fence

If you failed to coat your chain link fence with a rust-resistant finish, do your best to prevent rust from progressing. At the earliest signs, use steel wool to remove rust from your fence. Use gloves and gently rub the rust off. 

You can also use general rust removing cleaners. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully and flush the fence with clean water when finished. 

If your fence is simply dirty, you may be able to hose it down and scrub off any debris that you see. Be sure to do this regularly, as dirt and debris that remain caked-on can lead to rust if left unattended.

Some choose to use soapy water to wash their fence and follow up with a special metal wax to prevent moisture from forming on the metal.

Contact Liberty Fence & Deck for Your New Chain Link Fence

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