How To Protect Your Fence This Winter

How To Protect Your Fence This Winter

Winter has arrived here in Moorhead, Minnesota. And that means a likely 55+ inches of snowfall this year, the historical average. Stay ahead and protect your fence from the snowy months ahead.

Tips For Different Fences


These fences are strong and sturdy and can stand up to Moorhead’s cold season. This freezing winter, ensure you protect your aluminum fence from rust. 

  • With this blowing winter wind, it is important to keep the base of your fence clear of debris that can collect and hold water, then loosen foundation and misalign posts.
  • Tree trimming is important before our big snow and ice storms to avoid the drip from above. Frozen, falling limbs can bring even aluminum down. The easiest time to trim limbs is right after the leaves fall.


Vinyl is very tough, but so is mold.

  • Mold can survive even the cold, winter months. Clean mold with a simple water and vinegar solution.
  • Avoid snow build up at the base of your fence. Snow and ice can cause your fence to become brittle and break.


Don’t let too much moisture cause damage.

  • Even the best-sealed fences will eventually need replacing.
  • An oil-based stain can also help keep moisture away and your fence standing tall and strong. 

Winter Fence Win

With snow storms headed our way, it’s a good idea to try to use these tips as soon as possible. With the wind and snow, we get here in Moorhead, Minnesota if you follow our tips your fence should be strong and keep you protected through the cold winter nights. If your fence is on its last legs let it ride out through this winter and we will be happy to come out first thing this spring and get you a brand new fence for your yard.

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