Lattice Fencing – Just For Gardens?

Lattice Fencing

The picturesque garden bed nestled beneath a lattice fence is a timeless outdoor style. Lattice fencing is so closely associated with plants, ivy, and flowers because of how ideally it allows vines to grow vertically while still allowing daylight through. 

But we would be remiss if we claimed that lattices were only useful in gardens. This simple, classic fence style has many other creative uses for homeowners without green thumbs.

What Is Lattice Fencing?

Let’s start with the basics. Lattice fences are built of stripes of material crossed and fastened together with square gaps left between them. These fences are most commonly made of wood, vinyl, or metal.

The square gaps set this style of fence apart from other fences. The gaps provide space for ivy and other plants to grow easily vertically and why lattice fencing is so common in gardens.

But these versatile, beautiful fences have other uses outside of gardens with just a little imagination.

Non-Garden uses for Lattice Fencing

One common use of lattice fencing is to separate a section of outdoor space. This physically separates an area, but the sunlight, breeze, and good view aren’t hampered. 

Use lattice fencing to:

  • Surround a seating area
  • Partition space for pets
  • Provide a safety barrier

In addition, lattice fencing is a great, cheap way to provide a privacy screen around portions of your yard.

Use lattice as a screen to:

  • Give your deck privacy
  • Hide your air conditioning unit
  • Create storage under a deck
  • Hide an untidy work area

Lastly, lattice fencing is also great purely as a decoration that can accent other architectural features or furniture in your yard.

Decorate with lattice fencing:

  • Add a lattice fence topper to other fences
  • Use lattice as a backdrop for sitting or play areas
  • Incorporate lattice fencing into furniture like chairs, mailboxes, or tables.

Trust Lattice Fencing Experts

When you’re in the market for classic or creative uses of lattice fencing, look no further than the professionals at Liberty Fence & Railing. Our team has decades of experience finding the fight fencing, at the right budget, with the right installation skills for every customer. Contact us to schedule an estimate for your next project.

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