Put Up a Fence This Season

If you live in the Upper Midwest, you know that summer months are precious, not just for vacationing, but for home improvement projects. If you're looking to ramp up home security, add curb appeal, or contain pets and kids on your property, you likely need a fence installed this season. Here are our pro tips for how to ensure that you get your fence up before the ground freezes (again!).
Put Up A Fence This Season

Building a Fence This Construction Season

The Department of Natural Resources has kindly put considerable effort into trying to accurately predict approximately when the final spring freeze and first fall freeze will take place each year. Still, here in the Upper Midwest, there’s no getting around this cold, hard fact:

The ground is frozen solid 4 months out of the year.

Yep. It’s the ugly truth of living in this beautiful, yet dead cold Fargo-Moorhead area. The summer we do get is precious and ever so short. As all Minnesota and North Dakota dwellers know, we have to make the most of the ground thaw when it happens.

It’s February now, and if you are like us here at Liberty Fence, you’re probably already daydreaming about the projects you would like to do come spring. The list of ‘to do’s’ can really stack up over the long winter months.

Landscaping projects, shed building, irrigation system installation, and the list goes on. Perhaps you’re even considering having a fence built this year.  Now that you think of it, there’s a lot to get done!

Then comes the anxiety:

Will I be able to get ALL of these things done before the ground freezes again?

How do I coordinate all of the contractors?

How do I know which order to do what in?

Is it even possible to do it all in one season?

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We are here at Liberty Fence & Deck Co. to put your anxieties to rest and provide some pro tips for tackling all your projects this season. With decades of experience under our belt working in the unforgiving Upper Midwest, we know what it takes to get your fence built before the snow flies.

Schedule Your Fence Installation Early

Now (February!) is the time to start thinking about coordinating all of your outdoor projects for the upcoming construction season.

Seem a bit early?

The truth is, if you wait until April to book your fencing contractor, or any other contractor for that matter, the likelihood of getting your projects done in one season is slim to nothing.

Liberty Fence does 12 months’ worth of work in an 8 month window. We can’t dig fence posts in the winter because, well, we like our fingers! The only way to be sure that your fence will get built and fit properly into the timeframe of your other back yard projects this season is if you book ahead of time.

Get Your Fence Up This Season

Book now to have your fence installed by the licensed, bonded, insured, and professional fence installers at Liberty Fence & Deck Company this season!
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Choose Your Fence Builder Wisely

When selecting a fencing contractor in the Fargo-Moorhead community, you not only want to find a contractor who will provide top-notch work, but who will also be able to coordinate with you on the flow of your summer-time projects.

After decades of teamwork with local contractors, Liberty Fence knows how to efficiently work hand-in-hand (or glove-in-glove) with landscapers, builders, construction teams, and irrigation companies to facilitate getting everything done in the order it needs to get done.

Turning your back yard into your dream oasis is like a dance, and without careful choreography, the process could turn into an ugly headache stretching over multiple season.

When you have Liberty Fence on your team, you can count on us to put our heads together with the other contractors to come up with a logical game plan and then execute it with professionalism all in one season. We will work within the schedules of the other contractors so that no toes are stepped on and the whole process flows nicely.

The Right Time to Build a Fence

Ideally, we’d like to get in and get your fence build right after final grade of your property takes place. This will help us to tell how high the fence is, before sprinklers and sod are put in.

That being said, we can and will happily work with any and every situation. Don’t feel limited by the ‘final grade’ window. Whatever the circumstance, we’ll make it work! It’s what we do.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Take the first step toward a successful fence build and give us a call at Liberty Fence. We’ll come to your property and give you a custom quote as well as address any questions or concerns you may have. Book your project now to ensure you’ll get your fence built this season!

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