Should I Use Metal Posts or Wooden Posts For My Privacy Fence?

Should I Use Metal Posts Or Wooden Posts For My Privacy Fence?

There are many reasons to have a privacy fence besides just privacy; safety reasons for children and pets are also motivators for adding a fence. It can also enhance the look of your home with the many options of designs and styles. 

If you are trying to choose between wooden or metal posts, this article may help you consider all factors to help you make your decision.

What to Consider

  • Cost- The first factor people normally look at is cost, but more factors may sway your thinking. 
  • Durability- There is definitely a difference in how each material can withhold extreme weather conditions, rotting, rust
  • Maintenance- You must be honest with yourself if you will really keep up with the proper maintenance to save money or if you will choose to pay more so that you will have to do less upkeep. Either way, if you keep up with the recommended maintenance, you add years to your whole fence’s life.
  • Aesthetic- The visibility of your fence may change the order of factors as it could make a big difference in the appearance of your home. If you would like to enhance your home with a particular style or keep it neutral, this may affect your choice of material.

Wood Posts

Most homeowners opt for wood posts to support their privacy fence due to the difference in cost. Wood posts are much cheaper than metal posts and require fewer parts and materials to put together. 

The benefit of the cheaper cost will also result in less durability. Wood is more susceptible to rotting and warping and may not be able to withstand high winds. It is recommended to use pressure-treated wood, which will cost more but will last longer.

As mentioned, wood isn’t very durable and tends to lose its beautiful appearance due to outside factors. This may require upkeep, such as re-staining the wood or possibly replacing it many years sooner.

All wood is a classic look that can go with the style of almost any home.

Metal Posts

These posts definitely cost more upfront but will not need to be replaced as soon as wood posts, so it may be worth the extra cost in the beginning.

Metal is more durable and can withstand extreme weather without rotting or warping, or being damaged by winds.

If the posts are being held up by galvanized steel and securely fastened, then very little maintenance will be needed. However, with lots of moisture, some rust may need to be touched up with a spray formulated for galvanized steel.

Metal fence posts will go great with a more modern style home. However, keep in mind one side will not be very appealing as it needs to be fastened with silver galvanized steel and brackets that will stick out. This can be solved by placing a board over the post section, but this will add more cost to the already pricier option.

To help get answers to these factors, reach out to your local professionals in the Moorhead area at Liberty Fence Company and decide which materials will be best for your home.

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