Spruce Up Your Fence with Fancy Gates

Spruce Up Your Fence With Fancy Gates
If you’re thinking of installing a fence, you might be looking into various materials and styles to see what is right for you and your home. But an essential element should not be overlooked, and that is how many gates you want, and how they will look. Gates are not only functional, but they can add that unique decorative edge that is needed to turn your fence job into a “wow” job.

Single or Double Door?

Depending on space and needs, you’ll first want to decide if you need a single or double door gate. If you move equipment or gardening supplies in and out of your back yard often, or if you want a gate at the front of your driveways for extra security, you will probably want a double door gate. But if that isn’t the case for you, a single door gate will work too.

Fence Gate Materials

Most gates are used with the same materials as the fence they are installed with. Composite is also a great option since it can be shaped to look like anything and can add some decorative elements.

Gate Styles

You’ll want to select the style of gate depending on the kind of fence you have installed:

  • Board on Board or Shadowbox: These gates have interloping boards of material that can add an extra touch to help distinguish the entrance from the fence without looking too out of place.
  • Privacy gates: These typically mirror the fence very well and have little to no decorative qualities.
  • Spaced bar or spaced picket: If you have an aluminum or picket fence with space in between each rail, you might opt for this one.
  • Split rail: Like a spaced bar, only the rails are horizontal instead of vertical.

Fence and Deck Installation

Let Liberty Fence and Deck install a beautiful fence on your property with a gate that is as inviting and welcoming as you.

Top it Off Right

After you’ve picked the style of the gate, topping it off with an arched or scalloped gate top can be like the icing on the cake. There are so many possibilities, from lattice to pointed tops, that can add a decorative edge to a home. A well-made fence and an ornamental gate will also raise your property values and increase the return on your home’s investment. Contact Liberty Fence today for an estimate on a new and beautiful fence.

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