The Best Privacy Fences

The Best Privacy Fences

A well-constructed fence made with the right materials can give your home a sense of security. Besides keeping pets and children from wandering off your property, privacy fences also keep out unwanted guests. Fences protect your family and your possessions from passersby and block out the rest of the neighborhood, giving you a sense of seclusion.

Best Fences for Privacy


Cedar is a popular choice for privacy fences because it generally contains very few knots and has a tight grain. It also doesn’t tend to shrink or warp like other woods. Many homeowners enjoy the reddish tone of the natural wood displays. Even if cedar is untreated, it resists insects and decay. 

One downside to cedar fencing is that the soil surrounding the posts will eventually cause the fence to rot. Therefore, cedar posts are usually set in concrete, or treated wood is used for the posts to avoid rot. 

Over time, cedar will naturally fade and turn a silvery grey color. A sealant is applied after installation and then again once every year to prevent discoloration of the wood.


Vinyl fencing today is much higher quality than it was in years past. Yellowing, sagging, and cracking are no longer concerns when installing a vinyl fence on your property. Our vinyl fences include a lifetime warranty.  

Vinyl fences aren’t just durable, but they come in various styles, heights, and colors so that they will complement your existing structures nicely. Installation by a professional is essential to ensure an even and level fenceline. 

Maintenance is especially easy on vinyl fencing. Repainting, staining, or coating is unnecessary. Instead, rinsing off your fence with mild soap and a garden hose is all you’ll need to do to keep your fence looking brand new.


Composite fencing gives you the best of both worlds. When you choose composite for your privacy fence, you can enjoy the natural beauty of wood with vinyl’s durability. 

Recycled wood fibers make composite material a good choice if you want to shrink your environmental footprint. Wood scraps that would otherwise end up in a landfill are mixed with plastic polymers and chemicals to create a wood-like material that is immune to the effects of insects, rot, and discoloration. Composite wood is also resistant to mold and mildew, making it the perfect material to build your fence with if you live in a humid climate. 

Maintenance is as easy as occasionally spraying down the fence with water.

How to Choose the Best Fence to Protect Your Privacy

A lot of consideration goes into choosing the best fencing for your new privacy fence. While natural wood such as cedar looks excellent and is more affordable, the annual maintenance and eventual breakdown mean more work and time spend on repairs in the long run. Meanwhile, vinyl and composite fences last longer and require less attention but cost more upfront. As you consider which fence best meets your needs and fits in your budget, keep in mind Liberty Deck & Fence Co. for all your fencing needs. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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