The Most Popular Fence in America – 6 Foot White PVC Privacy Fence

Not every trend is worth following, to be sure. Still, some trends have become such for good reason. Find out what makes 6-foot white vinyl privacy fencing America's most popular fence and whether or not it's the right fence for you. Don't miss: insider tips on how to get a superior fence product from your local fence contractor.
The Most Popular Fence In America – 6 Foot White Pvc Privacy Fence

Sometimes following the crowd isn’t a bad thing. Including when choosing your style of fence. The popular choice is usually popular for a reason, or perhaps many reasons including price, durability, quality, and general visual appeal. What is the most popular fence here in America?

If you guessed PVC (AKA vinyl) fencing you guessed correctly! To get even more specific in this common preference, the most popular fence in America is 6-foot white privacy fencing. 

Likely, you’ve seen this fence countless times throughout neighborhoods across the Fargo-Moorhead community. Vinyl fencing is attractive, and brings a clean, classic American look to any home.

Still, not just any vinyl is to be trusted. How can you make sure you’re getting the best vinyl fence? Read on for tips from one of North Dakota’s top fencing contractors, Liberty Fence & Deck Company.

PVC Fencing – Ultimate Fence Material

In recent blogs, we have peered into the virtues of PVC fencing. Because of PVC’s extremely low-maintenance nature along with durability, affordability and above all, attractiveness, vinyl fencing has become a perfectly popular choice for countless homeowners across the nation.

Modern PVC fencing can even effectively imitate the look and even texture of wood, metal, and other classic fencing materials, giving homeowners the flexibility to install their dream fence look without deviating from hassle-free vinyl.

3 Reasons 6-Foot White PVC Fencing is America's Most Popular Fence

Here are three main reasons why 6-foot white vinyl privacy fencing is the most popular fence choice in America:

  1. Material: The above benefits of PVC are hard to beat or deny. Who doesn’t love a well-rounded building material? Knowing the virtues of vinyl takes the headache out of comparing multiple fencing materials. With other fencing materials, homeowners tend to have more worries about the initial installation cost or the price tag that comes along with maintaining or replacing it in the future. Durable yet budget-friendly PVC is a win/win. If you’re still not sure if it’s right for you and want to compare it to other fencing materials, check out our Fencing Price & Quality Chart. The upfront cost of vinyl may be more spendy when compared to a couple other fencing options, yet the price reflects its strength, longevity, and superiority without being overly costly.
  2. Size: Everyone values their privacy. For many Americans, building a fence around the border of a home is more than just for keeping the dog from running away. They want a secure, peaceful, and homey feel. This is especially the case for families with children. Thankfully, very few individuals have an eye level higher than 6-feet, making a 6-foot privacy fence the ideal height for homeowners looking to make their property a private oasis out of view from neighbors or passerby.
  3. Color: White is a color that can easily accommodate almost any backgrounds or environment. No matter what color your house is, a white fence will always compliment it well. Even if you decide to repaint your house different colors in the future, a white fence will match with anything, which may be appealing to potential home buyers, if you plan on selling down the road. Though PVC fencing is available in multiple colors and designs, clean white is sometimes associated with safety and somehow brings a sense of calm to people. You may imagine that white will quickly get dirty or dusty. In reality, this is rarely a problem for vinyl. If the fence does get dirty, it will be returned to its former beauty with the simple spray of a garden hose. Easy peasy!
Pvc Fences

These 3 reasons combined with affordability, diversity and durability grants 6 foot vinyl fencing bragging rights as America’s number one choice in fencing, and rightly so!

Digging deeper into the quality of PVC fencing reveals a real science behind achieving its characteristic sturdiness and flexibility. In its pure form, polyvinyl chloride is actually quite brittle. Still, the production of vinyl fencing includes a balance of blending special ingredients in the manufacturing process to get a high quality material that is strong yet adaptable to changing conditions.

Whether enduring blistering sun or strong Upper Midwest gusts, PVC fencing stands up to almost any weather conditions. It will look great throughout every season without splintering, sagging, cracking, or requiring yearly coats of paint or stain.

A word of caution:

Not all vinyl fences are created equal. Don’t cheap out on the material! If you want a fence that will stand up to Fargo-Moorhead weather, you need to make sure the vinyl is truly top quality.

Green Building Solutions explains “Most problems with vinyl fences… can be minimized by doing extensive manufacturer-specific product research. The higher the quality of the vinyl, the more likely it will perform well in many environments.”

Be choosy about your fence material supplier and contractor to ensure that what you are getting is a truly high quality product.

America's Most Popular Fence

6-foot white PVC fencing is the perfect privacy fence. Install the nation's top fence on your property.
Vinyl fence

Install America's Most Popular PVC Fence

Since you’ve decided that it’s not so bad to follow the crowd (at least when it comes to your fence choice) and you’ve decided you want to install a PVC fence at your home, we’re here at Liberty Fence to help you get started.

Sure, there are many North Dakota and Minnesota fence contractors to choose from, but here’s the question:

How can you be sure you are opting for a superior product and deal?

Here at Liberty Fence and Deck Co. we have worked with our fencing material supplier to get an extremely well-built, strong, high-end product. Beyond that, we buy the materials in such quantities; it typically allows us to offer one of the lowest prices in town for an absolutely superior product.

When you choose to install America’s most popular fence with Liberty Fence as your contractor, you won’t be disappointed with our craftsmanship or the quality of the final product. Just ask the long list of Fargo-Moorhead homeowners who love their Liberty Fence!

Feel free to contact us for a free vinyl fence installation estimate! Get in touch soon to discuss your options. We will be happy to hear from you!

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