The Pros and Cons of Aluminum Fencing

The Pros And Cons Of Aluminum Fencing

A new fence is a great way to increase the curb appeal, not to mention the value of your home, but there are a huge number of options to pick from. Picking the right one for your house and situation is important to get the most value and utility out of your new fence, but how can you decide?

If you’re considering an aluminum fence, here are the key pros and cons to inform your choice.

The Pros

Low Maintenance

  • Rust Free
  • Easy to Clean
  • Never Needs Refinishing 
  • Low lifetime cost

For a busy homeowner, aluminum’s durability may be its most important virtue. It won’t require regular inspection, maintenance, or intense cleaning. Its non-iron nature means it won’t rust like other metals, and there’s no risk of rot like with wooden fences.

Aluminum will maintain its durability even in very damp climates. The most maintenance it will ever need is a simple wipe-down or hosing to remove dust and debris. 

This means you’ll save time, but also money. After the initial purchase and installation, aluminum fences will stay out of your wallet.

Beautiful And Adaptable

  • Timeless style
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Ability to follow slopes 
  • Decorative or High Security

Aluminum is a modern material that provides a classic look. If you’re looking for a fence that mimics the beauty of wrought iron without all the hassle, look no further. 

No matter what the design of your house, aluminum can be colored to match it. Neutral tones can complement the environment, or bright white can be a statement piece to catch the eye.

Aluminum fence posts are also perfectly designed for sloped properties. They can be set up to easily follow the arch of a hill without leaving any unsightly gaps. 

Aluminum fencing can be purely decorative, but this versatile material can be used in security fencing as well.

The Cons


  • Large gaps between pickets
  • Clear view

Aluminum shouldn’t be considered if privacy is a factor. The Aluminum fence panels and pickets are widely spaced, which is perfect for allowing in light or maintaining an unobstructed vista, but this means anyone can easily see past the fence and into your property.

Is Aluminum Right For Your Home?

After weighing the options, it’s still helpful to get a second opinion. Contact the experts at Liberty Fence & Deck Co to schedule a consultation or estimate. Our team is trained in every aspect of the fence building process and we’ll help you find the right fence for your home.

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