What is Bollard Fencing?

bollard chain

While bollards often go unnoticed in the world of fencing, bollard fencing can help to protect structures and objects from moving vehicles. These short posts are a great addition to any parking lot, park, or facility to increase the security and safety of their patrons.

What is a Bollard?

Bollards are steel posts placed in the ground to protect assets, provide security, or direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic. A bollard’s height is generally between 24- 42 inches, but taller bollards do exist, although they are uncommon. 

Since bollards typically fall below the sightline, they are unobtrusive when used in nature. They can create perimeters in parks or around trees while offering little to no visual interruption to the scene.

On the other hand, you may want the bollards to stand out when creating a pedestrian barrier. In this case, using bollard sleeves or collars in bright colors to attract attention is necessary. The bollards create a safe space for pedestrians to move about without the threat of vehicles.

Where is Bollard Fencing Used?

Bollards are used in conjunction with fencing to provide added security. On their own, bollards are pretty short and penetrable. However, when paired with a traditional fence, security bollards can help protect fences against accidents.

Bollard fencing is often used to show preferred ways of walking. Bollards may be placed with chains between them, with the bollards working as fence posts and the chains working as fencing material. A bollard fence can communicate to those around it that they shouldn’t cross it; for example, bollards can protect a garden area from foot traffic while still allowing someone to hop over and retrieve a misplaced ball.

Benefits of Bollard Fencing

Bollard fencing isn’t only valuable for marking boundaries. Here are a few additional benefits of bollard fencing:

  1. Traffic management: Bollards are an integral part of traffic management. They can help to identify traffic diversions and road closures to prevent accidents. 
  2. Safety: Bollard fencing protects buildings and infrastructure from accidental damage from vehicles. Bollards assist in preventing cars from mounting the curb or parking on the sidewalk altogether. This is especially useful in school and park areas to keep young children safe.

Pedestrian safety: Unsafe sidewalks or poor traffic signals can be improved through the use of bollards. Installing bollards in areas of high pedestrian traffic can increase pedestrian safety and avoid injury from vehicles.

Types of Bollards

Properties can benefit from various types of bollards, including the following: 

  • Fixed 
  • Removable 
  • Padlock
  • Key Operated 
  • Retractable

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Trying to pick the proper bollard fencing for your property can be an overwhelming task to take on alone. Liberty Fence & Deck is ready to help you dive into the world of bollard fencing and find out what type is best for your property. With decades of experience under our belt, our team is ready to take on any fencing project. 

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