Will I Save Money if I Build My Own Fence?

Will I Save Money If I Build My Own Fence?

Perhaps one of the biggest considerations to factor into any home improvement decision is cost, and installing a fence is no exception. In these tough economic times, looking for ways to save money is on just about everyone’s mind. Still, some projects can’t wait. If you are thinking of installing a fence on your Fargo-Moorhead property, you’re likely wondering if doing a DIY fence build might be the best way to cut down costs. 

Before calling the shot, why not consider some pros and cons to see if building your own fence or hiring a pro fence builder is right for you? 

Pros of Building Your Own Fence

There are a handful of nice upsides to building a fence on your own. 

Save money on labor costs. If you have access to good equipment and solid materials, putting the fence together yourself can help you save a good chunk of change in labor costs. 

Enjoy having a family project. For some families, having a summer project like building a fence together is a great opportunity for making memories and bonding. If you have strong-backed teenagers, this might be a great time to teach them some handyman skills! 

Take pride in your work. Sometimes it feels really good to get out in the yard, build something nice, and see the results of your hard work. If you have the skillset and desire to tackle building a fence with your own two hands, you’ll likely feel a great sense of accomplishment when it’s done.

Cons of Building Your Own Fence

A DIY fence is a good fit for some folks. Still, there are some important cons to consider before you decide to head down to the lumber yard. 

Pay in blood, sweat, and tears. Take it from us, digging post holes is no walk in the park. Building a fence by hand is a lot of work! This is especially the case when you don’t have pro equipment at your disposal. For some folks, calculating the mental, physical, and emotional toll of taking on this tough project on their own is enough to make them give the pros a call. 

Lose precious time. If you have other pressing matters to attend to or you could use your time on a more financially worthwhile project, a time-consuming fence build may not be worth it for you if you decide to put the hammer to the nail on your own. 

Experience unexpected (and possibly costly!) set-backs. Many well-intentioned unsuspecting homeowners have started digging fence posts, only to hit utility lines and end up having to shell out a whole lot more money in damages than they would’ve if they just paid a professional. 

Accept a less-than-professional outcome. We whole-heartedly applaud ambitious homeowners who are ready and willing to take on a tough project. However, with some ventures, investing in hiring a pro who knows the tricks of the trade comes with more of an assurance that the job will be done right, both cosmetically and mechanically. In fact, a professionally well-built fence will not only look better but may also save you down the road in maintenance costs. 

Fargo-Moorhead Fencing Contractor

If you’re wondering more exactly how much hiring a Minnesota fencing professional will cost to build your fence, we invite you to request an estimate on our website. We are currently offering contact-free estimates for the safety of our customers during this time.

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