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Liberty Fence & Deck Co. in Fargo, ND understands that many people have questions when it comes to putting up a fence. What is the correct material, how do I decide on a style, how to I calculate the proper distance, what is this going to cost me, etc, etc….

Our goal is to offer you some answers to your basic questions so that you are more prepared and have a good grasp on your needs when you contact us. With an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can trust that we are accredited and attentive to the needs of each of our customers.

At Liberty Fence & Deck Co. in Fargo, ND we want to make the process easy for you and make certain that you have a fence you are happy with in the end. Select from the list below to find answers to questions many people have when it comes to fences.

When it comes to a new fence, the 1st decision to make is which fencing material to use.

Your choice of fence material to use will be dependent upon many factors, including budget, style, color desired, fence maintenance required and other various factors.

The most popular fence materials in Fargo and Moorehead:

  1. PVC Fencing
    • also known as Vinyl Fencing
  2. Ornamental Aluminium Fencing
    • Looks like Wrought Iron Fencing
  3. Cedar Wood Fencing
  4. Galvanized Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Fencing
  5. Composite Fencing

The fence material you choose will be based on a number of varying factors.  A few questions to ask yourself in order to help you decide what is the best fencing material for you.  

  1. Do you want maintenance free, or are you OK with a little upkeep such as staining and/or painting?
  2. Budget for your new fence is also a factor.  Depending on the features you want, the price of your new fence can range from as low as $16 per linear foot to well over $100 per linear foot.
  3. How long do you plan to be in your home?  If you want something that lasts the longest, then PVC or aluminum will be your best bet.  Any kind of wood product will eventually break down and need to be replaced.
  4. Does your neighborhood or city have any covenants?  Always check into what is allowed on your property before deciding on the fence style you want. When you narrow it down to the material, then you can look at the fun options, such as style, color, ornamentation, etc… 

There are many great options to choose from.  At Liberty Fence & Deck Company in Fargo, ND, we will help you sort through the myriad of options to find the perfect new fence for your style, your budget, your neighborhood, and your plans.

Liberty Fence & Deck in Fargo, ND offers many different styles of fences for each fencing material. 

It’s very easy to go from a basic fence to very decorative new fence. 

Ultimately your choices will depend on your desired outcome. 

Below you will find a little bit of info on the many fence styles available.

  1. PVC comes in many colors and textures and in a variety of looks from 6’ full privacy to traditional picket.
  2. Aluminum also comes in a variety of colors and can also have added embellishments such as rings or spear-tops or finials.
  3. Cedar fences can be customized in a number of ways as they are designed and built onsite. 

Please check out the gallery for each fencing type under the Fence Type drop-down in the Navigation Menu for some ideas!

Planning your fence will take just a minimum amount of effort on your part. 

It is important to know where your property lines are and what the city requirements are for setbacks.

Talk to your neighbors if you will be sharing fence lines or if you have to tie into an existing fence. Think about gate placement and how you would like to access your yard through your fence.  Are there any service doors or areas you want included or not included in your fenced area? 

Once those questions are answered, we will take it from there!  We will come out and measure the area and get you pricing on whatever type of fence you are interested in.

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