Security Fences in Fargo, ND

Security Fences in Fargo, ND

Here at Liberty Fence Co., we understand that you want to provide the best protection possible for your family and your belongings. If you’re looking ramp up the safety of your home, installing a high-security fence is a great solution.

Whether you have precious children or pets that like to play in the backyard or you are storing valuables such as vehicles, boats, equipment, or tools, a security fence can help maintain the safety of your home.

Security fences are also practical for commercial and industrial use, especially in the case that passerby need to be protected from dangerous job sites.

Well-Designed Security Fencing in Fargo

Liberty Fence Co. designs and installs their fences with a view to optimal functionality, aesthetics, and of course, security. We give attention to factors that may often be overlooked, such as gate quality and placement. Liberty Fence Co. has a large selection of gate options, and we allow full customization by using nearly any material to match the style of your fence. We can accommodate the particular needs of your residential or commercial property, customizing the gate to allow clearance for large vehicles, such as heavy equipment or RVs.  

Get in touch with Liberty Fence Co. We’ll come out to survey your property, assess the scope of the project, and provide you with a free estimate.

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Well-Designed Security Fencing in Fargo, ND

  • High security for storing valuables or protecting children
  • Variety of styles available
  • Many gate options
Types of Gates

Single Swing: Commonly referred to as a “walk” gate, these gates can be constructed in widths from 3’ to 10’ depending on the material used and purpose of the gate. These gates can incorporate self closing and latching hardware for use around swimming pools.

The double swing gate incorporates two leaves to create a larger opening. Double swing gates can be constructed for chain link, PVC vinyl, wood and ornamental steel fences. Ornamental gates at a drive way entrance, frequently referred to as Estate Gates, can be used in conjunction with a motorized gate operator to control access to a property preventing unwanted intrusion. The motorized gates can be opened and closed by a number of means including keypads, card readers and garage door style transmitters. The gate can be configured to close automatically after a car enters the property and to open automatically when a car is leaving the property.

This gate is commonly thought of as a “sliding” gate and is most common when a slide gate is requested. The gate itself does not touch the ground and is supported by rollers attached to two large posts. The gate will have a tail that is used to support the gate when it is in the open position that is approximately half of the length of the opening. It is important to ensure that adequate clearance is allowed so that the gate can open fully. Cantilever gates can be constructed with all types of fencing, but will require a steel frame for the either wood or vinyl styles.

A less common type of “sliding” gate is the rolling gate. Rolling gates require a wheel on the front of the gate and a pipe track to support the back end of the gate. They do not require a “tail” like the cantilever gate so that they can be used in situations where there is not room for the tail of a cantilever. Most applications where a “sliding” gate is needed will use a cantilever gate because the rolling gates are less secure and reliable than a cantilever gate.

Liberty Fence Co. offers an Aluminum Cantilever Slide Gate that is maintenance free. It is manufactured from rust free aluminum. This gate will never require painting. The roller trucks which contain sealed bearings don’t require grease. Concealing the truck inside the track eliminates maintenance problems caused by sand, snow, ice, or the inability of the gate to slide because the bottom exposed roller has slipped to the ground. In addition, the ease of operation from the reduced weight of the aluminum components means you’ll probably have more trouble with your padlock than the gate.

Gate frames shall be constructed of 2″ O.D. galvanized pipe. The gate frame shall be welded at all corners to form a rigid panel, and filled with fabric to match the fence. All welds are ground smooth and primed with a zinc rich primer, then topcoated with aluminum paint. The hinges shall allow the gate to swing 180 degrees (90° in both directions). The latches for both the double and single gates shall be heavy duty and have a provision for padlocking.

Heavy-Duty swing gate operator is made of heavy-duty, galvanized weather-resistant enclosure with black powder coat finish. It is key lockable and the housing is large enough to contain a control panel and any additional accessories, such as loop detectors or timers. This unit utilizes a right-angle gear head speed reducer. Gears consist of a hardened steel machine-cut worm and mating bronze gear running in oil. The operator is also equipped with a double-disc torque limiter. A timer is furnished to protect clutch from burnout should gate become obstructed.

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