Maintainence Free PVC Fencing

Vinyl fencing is the ideal low maintenance choice for your home or commercial property. With the many styles, price-points and varieties that have been introduced to the market 15 years ago, you will never run out of options. PVC fences now come in almost all of the traditional wood styles available and you will never have to replace a rotted fence post or re-paint and stain your fence.

Vinyl fencing is the ideal low maintenance choice for your home or commercial property. If you never want to replace a rotted fence or re-paint and stain your old fence this is the way to go!

Vinyl fencing is a great solution for homeowners and commercial property managers who need something with a traditional look that requires very little maintenance. Vinyl fencing can be designed to look like either a wood or ornamental iron fence. Look through our photo gallery and give Liberty Fence Company a call if you’d like to get a free estimate for installing a vinyl fence on your property today! The major advantage of vinyl fencing is that it’s relatively maintenance free. Vinyl fencing will last much longer than a traditional cedar fence. If you choose a vinyl fence, you don’t have to worry about replacing it after 5-10 years because it’s rotted out. Vinyl fences don’t need to be periodically painted or stained, about the only maintenance you should plan on is pressure washing your fence after it collects dirt and dust. Vinyl fencing will continue to grow in popularity as many people don’t want to allocate their spare time to painting and repairing their fences.

FAQ about Vinyl Fences

Aren’t all PVC and vinyl fences the same?

Absolutely not. Many PVC fence products today still utilize recycled plastics and reused, reground materials in the first 80% of the material, which is much less costly to produce. However, these products will eventually fade, crack, yellow, and become brittle. Purchasing a PVC fence for your home is an investment. Before you buy from anyone else, why not actually physically compare our PVC fence products to our competitors? Wouldn’t that make the most sense?

Can vinyl fences break?

Anything can break. PVC fencing will not break on its own when installed properly. Planks, pickets, posts and rails are easily replaced if damaged from a car or a fallen tree.

Will the gate hardware rust and stain my new fence?

Not when Liberty Fence does your job. We use all stainless steel fasteners and screws to ensure no rust marks on your new fence.

Do vinyl fences become brittle in the winter?

As with most vinyl products, vinyl fencing will become less flexible in colder weather conditions; however, it will not break or crack. Our products have been engineered to accommodate normal temperature swings and are backed by our exclusive lifetime warranty.

Will I ver have to pain my new vinyl fence?

Never. It is fully backed by our exclusive written warranty. Cleaning is as simple as hosing it off with your garden hose. You may also choose to power wash your fence, but it’s not necessary.