Privacy Fences

Privacy Fences

Typically constructed from vinyl (PVC) or wood, installing a privacy fence is a popular method for adding security along with a feeling of seclusion to your home. Whether trying to protect children, pets, and valuables or simply block out unsightly views in your neighborhood, a privacy fence is a great solution.

According to, “A privacy fence can go a long way in helping keep looky-loos and nosy neighbors out of your yard.” They add that it offers “a shield from the outside world”.

Homeowners everywhere find privacy fences extremely useful for a variety of applications. For example, privacy fences help homeowners who are looking to keep their backyard pool private, who want to create a safe area for their children to play, or who want to contain pets while keeping other neighborhood animals out.

Privacy Fencing – Economical & Elegant

Privacy fences are both functional and beautiful, while remaining budget-friendly. Liberty Fence Co. can help you create the oasis you’ve always wanted your backyard to be. With our variety of material and design options, we’ll go far beyond building a simple wall between your yard and the outside world – we’ll create a beautiful retreat for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Pros of Privacy Fencing

  • High security for protecting children, pets and valuables
  • Blocks view of eye-sores
  • Many material and design options
  • Makes your yard a secluded oasis


When a company has been building fences as long as we have, you can bet we know what we are doing.  Our team of installers will install your new fence with a quality to their craftsmanship that you will not find anywhere else.  Wood Fences, Decorative Fences, Metal Fences – we do them all.


New deck installation is second nature to us.  We have a team of professional deck builders that can install any wood or composite decking.  Not sure what type of deck you want?  Use our handy Deck Estimate Form and we’ll provide you with a free quote!

Repair & Maintain

If your existing fence just needs to be repaired, or you would like regular fence maintenance performed to preserve the life of your fence, we have you covered. Use our Fence Repair and Maintenance request form to get your free quote today!

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