Fencing Price & Quality Comparison Chart

Not all fences are created equal. Depending on the aesthetic, function, and price range you are aiming for, one type of fencing may prove more appropriate for your property than another. Check out this chart to help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each fencing type.

Fence Type Relative Cost Security Level Durability / Maintenance Appearance
Fencing Price & Quality Comparison Chart Wood Fencing $$-$$$$ Depending on height and design can provide high security and full privacy Requires regular maintenance, periodic re-painting or re-staining necessary, highly durable when well maintained Classic, fully customizable (scallops, shadowbox, framed, etc.) to fit desired style
Fencing Price & Quality Comparison Chart Aluminum Fencing $$$-$$$$ High security level when tall and finished with spear tops or finials, lower privacy, 4', 5', 6' heights available Highly durable, low maintenance, stands up to extreme wind, long lasting, no rust Elegant, modern, fully customizable with spear tops, rings, finials, etc.
Fencing Price & Quality Comparison Chart PVC/Vinyl Fencing $$$$-$$$$$ Depends on design and height, can be very private (picket, private, semi-private, horizontal privacy, etc.) Very low maintenance, easy to clean, rot, rust and fire resistant, high end PVC holds up through nearly anything Clean, modern, huge amount of color, texture and style options, can imitate wood
Fencing Price & Quality Comparison Chart Custom or Composite Fencing $$$$$$ Privacy and security designs available Minimal maintenance depending on material, composite fence fibers made from recycled material Custom fencing is made to fit your style, Composite looks like wood, limited color and style options

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Deciding On The Fence For You


  • The number one most popular fence in the Fargo-Moorhead area is our 6’ PVC white privacy fencing. We have worked with our fencing supplier to get a super extremely well-built, strong, high-end product. Our customers have been deeply satisfied with the quality of our vinyl fencing.
  • Our most popular metal fence is black, aluminum fencing at 4’ and 5’ heights.  It is a sleek, well-built fence that can last for decades and match nearly any style. When finished off with one of our high quality gates, it’s bound to look great.
  • Wood fencing is always a classic, American choice. Whether you opt for the basic, dog-eared cedar fence, a ‘good-neighbor’ fence, or something more decorative, like scallops or frames, your wood fence is sure to add curb appeal and functionality to your property.  

Fencing Material Options

Here’s a closer look at our five main types of fencing with more details to help you determine what fence is best for your residential or commercial property. Whether you’re aiming for ultimate security, top privacy, strict functionality, or sheer beauty, Liberty Fence Company has the fence for you.

Fencing Price & Quality Comparison Chart

Wood Fences

Whether it’s a classic picket fence, a full privacy fence, or a decorative border to boost your curb appeal, Liberty Fence offers all manner of wood fencing. The look of wood is highly customizable with paint, stain, and fence style.

Wood fences need a little more upkeep than most other fencing, but the visual pay-off is stunning. Cedar fencing is stunning, traditional and can fit any aesthetic.

Strong and durable, wood fence are long-lasting and can boost the value of your property. A beautifully crafted Liberty Fence Co. wood fence pairs perfectly with our professional grade fence posts you cannot find at the local lumber yard.

Wood fencing is the most eco-friendly fencing option, as well as one of the most affordable. If beauty, budget, and biodegradability are on your mind, wood might be the right fencing material for you.

To learn more, check out our page on Wood Fencing.

Fencing Price & Quality Comparison Chart

Aluminum Fences

A stately aluminum fence is a great addition to any property, commercial or residential. With many customization options, aluminum fencing can be built to match whatever style you are looking to achieve on your property. They can be bold and fear-inspiring security fences or elegant and welcoming ornamental fences. Aluminum fencing can be personalized by adding rails, rings, finials, scrolls and other embellishments.

Aluminum fencing is a favorite among many home and business owners because it looks nicer than chain link but is lower maintenance than wood. It is highly durable, incredibly sturdy, and a perfect choice when it comes to standing up to Midwest winds. Aluminum is rust resistant and can stand up to our winter weather in Fargo and Moorhead.

Aluminum fences can be built to offer high security levels without giving the impression that the property is a compound or industrial zone.

Check out our Aluminum Fence page to see our gallery and find out more.

Fencing Price & Quality Comparison Chart

PVC / Vinyl Fences

Despite its position on the higher end of our fencing options, many homeowners have found PVC fencing to be a worthy investment. One reason is because vinyl fencing is virtually maintenance free, which is perfect for busy homeowners who don’t like the idea of having to re-stain or re-paint their fence every year.

Liberty Fence Co. PVC fencing is special because it comes with our exclusive LIFETIME warranty in writing. Why? Because we have 100% confidence in the quality of this product paired with our craftsmanship. Since vinyl fencing is fire-resistant, pest proof, anti-rust, and not likely to to stain, crack, blister, peel, or chip, this is a fence that can last for decades and still look fabulous.

Vinyl fencing is easy to clean (all you need is a garden hose!) and comes in all colors, shapes, sizes and textures to perfectly fit the style of your property. PVC can be made to mimic the look and texture of wood, aluminum, and more.

Have questions about vinyl fencing? Check out the FAQs section on our PVC Fencing page.

Fencing Price & Quality Comparison Chart

Custom & Composite Fences

Are you considering something unique for your property? Here at Liberty Fence Co., we’d love to hear take wildest fencing dreams and turn them into a reality on your commercial or residential property. Our professional team can engineer and install fully customized fence that will look amazing for decades to come.

Composite has also become popular among homeowners for decking and fencing. Compared to our other fencing materials, it is at the top of the price range, however homeowners have been drawn to the fact that it is made from recycled materials and does not require paint or stain. The styling options are more limited and the colors tend to fade, but the material is strong and sturdy.

Since every property is unique, we believe every fence should reflect that. If a custom Fence is your dream, but not necessarily in your budget, contact us anyway, as you will be surprised what we can do with our less expensive standardized fencing options

With our vast range of materials, colors, heights, gates, and more your will have seemingly endless options to choose from. We carefully select only the highest quality pre-fabricated fencing materials on the market to ensure that your fence is not just an expense, it’s an investment.

Learn more about how to choose the fence for you on our Custom Fences page.

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