7 Reasons to Install a Pergola

Keep your backyard fresh and fun with a custom pergola installation this summer. There's nothing that says 'oasis' like a gorgeous poolside pergola, and there is no better cover for an outdoor kitchen. Here are just 7 reasons building a pergola is a picture-perfect home improvement project.
7 Reasons To Install A Pergola

Summer is short.  In fact, it’s unreasonably short for many, especially if you live here in the Midwest. 

As Fargo and Moorhead area natives here at Liberty Fence, we are all too familiar with the brutally long Midwest Winters. Winter comes with the pressure of having to make the absolute most of the precious summer season.

The question is:

What are a few things you can do right in your own backyard to improve the quality of the time you spend outdoors with your family and friends next summer (not to mention add value to your home)?

Liberty Fence is here with one simple answer. A pergola, of course!

Why Pergolas are a Perfect Backyard Addition

Very rarely does someone see a pergola and not feel charmed.  The entire vibe put off from a pergola is charming, to be sure, but let’s get down to some specifics of what makes them the cherry on top of your picture perfect back yard.

Liberty Fence & Deck has at least 7 reasons why a pergola can help you make the most of your summer days this coming season.

1. Outdoor Kitchen Pergola Potential

Picture your backyard with a stunning outdoor kitchen setup. A nice wooden pergola complimented by an outdoor oven is enough to keep your weekends full and surrounded by your friends with great food and a great environment.

A wood fired oven stowed under a pergola is wonderful for entertaining guests as well as making delicious pizza, breads, and an endless amount of other recipes. Bars have also been incorporated into pergolas to make a breathtaking kitchen/bar combo. Countless Americans find cooking, eating and drinking outdoors to be extremely relaxing, enlivening and refreshing. 

7 Reasons To Install A Pergola

Whether you choose to install a stainless steel kitchen setup, a more rustic stone or brick oven, a simple a barbecue, or a fully stocked bar, you can be confident that a pergola will make the perfect cover for your outdoor kitchen.

2. Increased Landscaping Options

The simplicity of a pergola has unlimited potential to be enhanced by impressive landscaping techniques. A pergola can provide the perfect backdrop for a beautiful grapevine intertwined through its slats. Stunning hanging baskets can easily be hung from the sturdy structure of a pergola.

Adding plants to your pergola not only adds privacy and shade, but is also very natural and calming. Add this to your kitchen/bar pergola combo and now you’re in business!

3. Hot Tub and Pool Atmosphere

Cooking outside is not everyone’s forte. Not to worry, there are many other things that a beautiful pergola can accommodate. 

A pergola can function as the ideal cover for your Jacuzzi.  Imagine a beautiful starry night, a glass of wine in hand, relaxing sore muscles in a hot tub under your open pergola to end of a long day. Pergolas dress up bulky hot tubs, adding class and curb appeal.

If you happen to be a swimming enthusiast, your pergola could even be poolside, making a convenient break area to dry off, grab a drink or a snack and take a quick rest out of the direct sun. Adding outdoor furniture under your poolside pergola is a perfectly relaxing addition to a lovely outdoor area.

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4. Outdoor Fireplace Surrounding

Another way to enjoy a starry summer night is around a fire. Why not set up a seating area around a fire pit or fireplace beneath your new pergola to relax, and let the flames set the warm backdrop for your next family night outdoors?

Grab a guitar and strum a few chords to unwind, or if there’s no musician in your family, put on your favorite playlist and chill out in a perfect setting. Don’t forget to grab the hot dogs and marshmallows! You could even sleep outside next to the fire under the shelter of your multi-purpose pergola. Who needs a tent, anyway?

5. Hanging Hammocks on Pergolas

As for your backyard seating area, installing a pergola is a chance to get creative and comfy. There is one form of seating that pergolas really seem to accommodate well… Hammocks!

Everyone loves to lounge around in a cozy hammock. They are great. Yet it can be extremely annoying if you happen to own a hammock but don’t seem to have an appropriate place to hang it.

This is where your new pergola comes in. Hammocks can be easily and securely hung between strong pergola poles.

7 Reasons To Install A Pergola

Snuggle in and relax with a good book in hand. Take in the beauty of the hanging plants, vines and greenery surrounding you. Follow it up with a long summer afternoon nap in your hammock.

6. Pergolas for Weddings & Events

The home decor and curb appeal experts at HGTV say “a flower-covered pergola takes a wedding to new heights”. The beauty of any event is taken to the next level with a pergola.

What could be more memorable than your little girl saying ‘I do’ at a magnificent backyard ceremony under a beautifully crafted pergola?

Truly, the decoration potential based around a pergola is limitless. Whatever the style or theme of the event, a timeless pergola can add unbeatable elegance.  

Once the wedding is over, your pergola will remain a picturesque memento from your family’s special event.

7. Stringing Outdoor Lights on Pergolas

Whether you have light from a fireplace already or not, outdoor hanging lights, or string lights are exceptionally dazzling, and captivating. The slatted design of pergolas make them the ultimate backdrop for hanging string lights of all shapes, colors and sizes.

Stringing lights on your new pergola adds something special and brings warmth to your backyard ambiance. They are easy to put up and take down as you wish depending on the season and are inexpensive too!

7 Reasons To Install A Pergola

Build a Backyard Pergola

Think of mixing and matching these seven pergola ideas to create your family’s ideal backyard atmosphere.

For example, why not sit on your poolside pergola hammock eating a delicious, handmade, thin crust pizza made in your wood fired pizza oven, beer in hand, surrounded by hanging lights, greenery, music, and great company?

That’s right, the pergola possibilities are endless. We’ve only just discussed 7 of the many benefits of a pergola. What other benefits can you imagine? We’d love to hear your reasons to install a pergola to add to the list! Share your ideas with us in the comments section!

Give a pergola a shot. Liberty Fence & Deck is absolutely confident you won’t be disappointed with this backyard addition.

Let us help you make the first step to making this summertime fantasy a reality. Here the experts at Liberty Fence in Moorhead, Minnesota and Fargo, North Dakota will help you choose a jaw dropping design followed up by a quality build to make your pergola dreams come true! Get in touch!

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