How Fencing Companies Determine Property Lines: A Guide for Homeowners

How Fencing Companies Determine Property Lines: A Guide For Homeowners

If you want to enhance your home’s privacy, security, and aesthetics, your best bet is to install a new fence. However, before you proceed with the installation, it is crucial to determine your home’s property lines accurately. This step ensures the fence is built on your land, preventing potential disputes with neighbors. Fencing companies play a pivotal role in this process, utilizing a combination of advanced technology, surveying expertise, and human touch to provide you with reliable results.

Utilizing Land Surveying Techniques

Fencing companies rely on the expertise of licensed land surveyors to determine property lines accurately. Land surveyors are professionals trained to measure and map land parcels with precision. They utilize various techniques, such as global positioning systems (GPS), total stations, and laser rangefinders, to establish the exact boundaries of your property.

GPS technology allows surveyors to pinpoint specific coordinates on the earth’s surface, enabling them to create accurate maps. Total stations are sophisticated surveying instruments that measure angles and distances with high precision, while laser rangefinders help determine distances between reference points swiftly and efficiently.

Analyzing Property Deeds and Records

Besides utilizing cutting-edge technology, fencing companies dive into historical property deeds and records. These documents, usually maintained by local government offices, provide crucial information about past property lines, land divisions, and ownership history. By examining these records, fencing companies can gain insights into the historical boundaries of your property.

Collaborating with Homeowners

Effective communication and collaboration between the fencing company and homeowners are at the heart of every successful fencing project. Experienced fencing companies recognize the importance of involving homeowners throughout the property line determination process.

Fencing companies can tailor their surveying approach accordingly by discussing the project in detail with homeowners, including their preferences, concerns, and prior knowledge of property boundaries. This open dialogue fosters trust and ensures the final result meets the homeowner’s expectations.

Marking and Verifying Property Boundaries

After gathering data from surveys and historical records, fencing companies mark the property boundaries using physical markers. These markers can be wooden stakes, metal posts, or painted lines on the ground. Professional surveyors ensure that these markers are accurately placed to reflect the legal property lines.

Fencing companies encourage homeowners to participate in this process, as it not only ensures transparency but also allows homeowners to physically visualize and verify the location of their property boundaries.

Resolving Boundary Discrepancies

In some cases, discrepancies may arise between survey data, historical records, and neighboring properties’ boundaries. In such situations, fencing companies work closely with land surveyors and homeowners to resolve any discrepancies.

Through respectful and amicable communication with neighbors, fencing companies can help facilitate boundary line agreements, ensuring a harmonious relationship with neighbors and mitigating potential disputes.

Need to Find your Property line in Fargo, ND?

Determining property lines is a critical step before installing a fence, and professional fencing companies play a central role in ensuring accurate results. If you are thinking about installing a new fence in your yard and are unsure where your property lines truly lie, contact the pros at Liberty Fence today! Our expert contractors can help you design and build the fence of your dreams without ever having to worry about infringing on your neighbor’s land. 

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