How to Properly Maintain a Wood Fence

How To Properly Maintain A Wood Fence

Wood fences have been used by homeowners for several decades. 

Wood fences are stylish, durable, and bring out the natural beauty of a property. However, for your wood fence to continue looking good, you need to maintain it. 

Sticking to a regular maintenance plan will help your wood fence look its best for years to come.

Maintaining a Wood Fence

Inspect Your Fence Regularly 

To properly maintain your wooden fence, you will need to inspect it regularly. it’s not uncommon for wear-and-tear to occur over time so you will need to be checking your fence often for any signs of damage or rot.

Aim to take a walk around your fence at least once a year. Check to see if there are any broken boards, screws that need tightening, or splintered wood. If you live in an area with strong weather patterns, it could be that sections of the fence have come apart. 

The fence may be leaning in some areas, or boards may be damaged. Be sure to take a look at the locks and hinges on your gates. You’ll want these to remain secure to protect your property. If needed, you can apply some lubricative grease to keep them working properly. 

While your fence may be treated to be moisture resistant, sprinkles could cause your fence to receive more moisture than normal. If you have sprinkles in your yard, adjust them to point away from your fence. 

If the wood is wet repeatedly, it could develop rot. This can weaken the fence, making it susceptible to damage or unwelcome visitors. If water tends to pool around the fence posts, provide alternative draining solutions. 

Clean Your Wood Fence 

While your wood may have an initial shine and luster, being exposed to the elements can cause this to fade over time. The wood must be cleaned to remove any built-up grime, moss, or mildew that has developed. 

Thoroughly clean your fence with a power-washer, and follow up with a brightener to bring back the original color. 

Apply New Stain 

To further preserve the original color of the wood, a stain should be applied every few years. Once the fence has been thoroughly cleaned, this stain will work to seal out moisture. Some stains include ultraviolet inhibitors to prevent bleaching by the sun in the hot summer months. 

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