We’re Not on the Fence About Vinyl Fencing

PVC (AKA vinyl) fencing is all the rage, and it's no surprise. Imitate any modern or classic fencing look you want (wood, metal, etc.) with an ultra low-maintenance vinyl fence. This element-proof fencing packs a big bang for your buck. Here's a guide to all you need to know about PVC fences.
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Vinyl - The Ideal Fence Material

A Few Excellent Reasons to Choose Vinyl Fencing

Want to build a fence? You’re likely looking for a fencing material that is durable, low-maintenance, high-value, affordable, and yes, attractive.

Vinyl (also known as PVC) fencing fits all those criteria and more. That is why vinyl fencing is a consistently popular choice among homeowners.

What makes it such an ideal choice? Liberty Fence Co. is here with a full disclosure on all the advantages of vinyl fencing. In fact, this is the first of many blog posts in our new series on Comparing Fencing Materials. In the coming months, we’ll give you all the pro tips you need to know to make the right call on what fence is right for your property. Let’s start with vinyl!  

Durable Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is made from synthetic materials that will not oxidize and rust, leaving ugly stains like the ones frequently seen on many metal fences. When you have Liberty Fence do the job, we use all stainless steel fasteners and screws to ensure no rust marks on your new fence.

Our vinyl fencing is also impervious to rot, pests and termites, which are factors that can often cause problems and lead to frequent replacements in the case of wood fencing. The vinyl is also made to endure normal changes in temperature and humidity, and it is built to endure storms.

A safety consideration:

Vinyl fencing is also fire-resistant, meaning it does not easily ignite, and it is considered a ‘self-extinguishing’ material.  If there is a fire, that’s the kind of fence you’d want around your yard.

Vinyl fences are not prone to cracking, blistering, peeling, or chipping. They have exceptional longevity. 

Our vinyl fencing is made to last for decades, and if you have Liberty Fence install your fence, you get our exclusive LIFETIME warranty in writing; that’s how much confidence we have in this product.

Low Maintenance Vinyl Fences

Who has time to spend all summer sanding, painting, or staining their fence? 

One of the main draws of vinyl fencing is that it requires virtually no maintenance. The glossy finish on vinyl fences make it easy to clean; even if there’s a pesky neighborhood kid who thinks it’s funny to graffiti your new fence. If you have a garden hose, you are all set to clean your fence. Vinyl fences can also be pressure washed, if necessary.

With a vinyl fence, you can spend your summers drinking lemonade and playing with your kids in the backyard, not toiling away with a bucket of paint and a brush in your hand on your old fence.

Get a High Quality Vinyl Fence

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Cost Effectiveness of Vinyl Fencing

Installing a vinyl fence is a budget-friendly option for getting a new fence. That being said, the cost effectiveness of vinyl by no means equates to a compromise on the quality.

In fact, it’s the best bang for your buck, and since they are built to last, opting for vinyl fencing saves you from an early cost of having to install another fence. A vinyl fence can even raise the value of your home, without putting a big dent in your wallet.

Vinyl Fences Add Curb Appeal

With the many styles, price-points and varieties that have been introduced to the fencing industry in the past couple of decades, you will never run out of options. Vinyl fencing allows you to achieve EXACTLY the look you are going for.

Vinyl fencing is attractive and comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. It can be customized to reflect the style and period of your home or office. The design choices are endless.

Whether you’re trying to get a ‘wood’ look, an ornamental feel, a traditional style, or simply match the neighbors, we’ve got you covered with our array of vinyl fencing options here at Liberty Fence.

Vinyl Fencing – A Fool-Proof Choice

Liberty Fence Co. fully endorses the value of vinyl fencing. It is an advantageous option for anyone looking for a high-quality, strong, and beautiful fence without breaking the bank.

Vinyl fencing is the ideal low maintenance choice for your residential or commercial property. 

Don’t forget to stay tuned for the next in our new Comparing Fencing Materials Blog Series! Coming up next….wood fencing. 

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