Wood Fences – A Backyard Must-Have

Wood fences are a classic for a reason. They are beautiful, sturdy, cost effective, and long-lasting (not to mention eco-friendly!). Let's take a closer look at what makes wood fencing a high quality fencing choice.
Cedar Fence

You have your family, your house, and your dog (or cat, or goats or whatever it is that makes your family complete). All that is missing to round out your picturesque home is a wood fence.

Not sold on the idea?

We’re back with our latest edition to the Comparing Fencing Materials Blog Series to feature this ‘oldie but goodie’ of the fencing world. Wood fencing has earned its spot at the top of many homeowner’s fencing options lists for a reason.

Here are just a few of the reasons why the professional team at Liberty Fence Co. recommends wood as a must-have material for your next fencing project.

Wood Fencing Adds Curb Appeal

The natural beauty of a wood fence remains desirable in residential, commercial and agricultural applications. Wood can be customized to fit any type of aesthetic, whether you’re going for a classical, vintage, edgy or sophisticated look.

wood fence is a perfect way to polish off the aesthetic appeal of your home. Whatever your style, wood is the best fencing material to choose if you plan to decorate your yard or entertain. 

Wood is the best backdrop for DIY yard décor projects. You can easily attach planters, string lights, and ornaments to your wood fence. It is also simple (and fun!) to customize your fence using paint, stains, stencils and more. 

Wood also looks gorgeous next to plants, shrubs and other greenery. The versatility of wood allows you to achieve whatever look you are going for.

Here at Liberty Fence, our wooden fences are built with Western red cedar using only 1″ x 8″ pickets to achieve maximum uniformity and elegance. Liberty Fence Co. uses only the highest quality pressure treated and kiln dried cedar fence posts (Pro secret for those looking to build a DIY fence: you won’t find our professional grade fence posts at your any of the local lumber yards). We also use high-grade wood boards that come with very few knots and almost no discoloration. Your finished product from Liberty Fence Co. will be truly custom and simply gorgeous.

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Sustainability of Wood

Many homeowners question the eco-friendliness of choosing wood for their fence building project. They think “How can wood be the environmentally responsible fencing choice? Don’t wood fence planks come from cutting down trees? Doesn’t that equate to deforestation?”

Here are the facts:

Wood is one of the most environmentally sound fencing material choice on the market. How? Think about one of the main fence building alternatives; plastic. Plastic fences inevitably become damaged and need replaced, and where does all that plastic go? Discarded plastic ends up in landfills and, as we all know, is not biodegradable. Wood, on the other hand, is about as ‘organic’ and ‘green’ as it gets.

Here at Liberty Fence Co., we always recommend using responsibly sourced, sustainable wood for all wood fence projects.

Budget Friendly Wood Fencing

Any home improvement project is an investment. The important part of investing is getting the best value over time. When it comes to fencing, wood continues to be one of the most affordable, yet highest quality options on the market.

As with most home improvement investments, wood fencing does requires maintenance over time to keep it in tip-top shape. Maintenance time and costs must be budgeted for. However, the costs are rather small, especially when considering that adding a wood fence to your home can increase the overall resale value of your home.

Wood fencing remains a practical and economical solution for getting a stunning border around your property.

Wood Fencing Adds Privacy to Your Home

For many homeowners, one of the main draws for installing a fence is for increased privacy from neighbors and passerby. Wood fences are the option that provides maximum privacy. Wood fencing is strong, sturdy, and can be designed to be quite tall.

Typically, the planks on a wood fence are installed at close distances, for minimal gaps that equate to increased privacy. That means you get peace of mind that comes with increased security for your family.

Wood Fences Have Impressive Longevity

With regular, minor maintenance, your wood fence can last for decades. The installation and treatment procedures we strictly adhere to here at Liberty Fence Co. will ensure that your cedar fence will last for many years.

Wood fencing outlives plastic fencing, and although it cannot compare to the impressive lifespan of wrought-iron fencing, it also is nowhere near as expensive. Replacing damaged planks on wood fences over time, if need be, is an easy fix. Re-staining or re-painting them is also quite a straightforward process. 

For the affordable price, wood fencing actually values high in practicality and durability, making it a smart choice for homeowners.

Stay tuned for our next installment of the Comparing Fencing Materials Blog Series! Up next…aluminum. Coming soon! 

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