3 Reasons to Use Metal Posts for a Wood Fence

3 Reasons To Use Metal Posts For A Wood Fence

When you decide to build a fence on your property, you will have to think about the purpose of your fence. However, no matter what you want to accomplish with your fence, the reality is that when you’re investing in a project like this, you expect a fence that will last for decades. 

But how can you ensure the longevity of your fence? The key is installing a wood fence with metal posts.

The Advantages of Using Steel Posts For a Wooden Fence

Metal fence posts are becoming the future of fencing because of the many advantages they offer. So let’s consider three reasons you should use metal posts for a wood fence.

1. Wooden Fencing Has Changed

Before 2003, wood posts used for fencing were treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA), part of a group of pesticides containing chromium, copper, and arsenic. This chemical substance protected wood against termites, fungi, and other pests that could damage the integrity of wood products.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned CCA and began to phase out the use of this wood preservative. They found that it created a potential source of arsenic exposure for the consumer.

2. Metal Posts Last Longer Than Wood Posts

While you can still find pressure-treated wood for building fences, its lifespan is only between seven and ten years, depending on the type of wood. This is because the moment wooden posts enter the ground, moisture and wood rot begins to affect them. In addition, fence posts are located at the weakest points along your fence, so if they get damaged, down comes the fence.

On the other hand, metal posts are stronger and immune to warping, rotting, splitting, cracking, chipping, and strong winds.

3. Metal Posts Are Cost-Effective

When you look into the cost of metal posts, they might seem more expensive. But when you think about the cost compared to how long they can extend the life of your fence, they are more cost-effective. You won’t have to worry about replacing your fence anytime soon, and they will require minimal maintenance.

There are also many great options for adding a privacy fence with metal posts to your home.

Still Not Convinced About Metal Posts?

Investing in a wooden fence for your property is an excellent idea because there are many benefits to adding a fence to your property. While you can take on this project alone, consulting the Liberty Fence & Deck Company experts will free you from any unnecessary headaches.

We are so confident that you’ll love our estimates, we give them away! So contact us today for your free estimate on your wood fence with metal posts.

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