3 Types of Privacy Fencing for Your Home

3 Types Of Privacy Fencing For Your Home

Good neighbors always make for a great neighborhood. While you may enjoy the company of those who live close to you, chances are you value your privacy more. Some people choose to live in their homes with their blinds constantly closed, but others prefer a more practical option like getting a privacy fence for their home.

In addition to providing the privacy your family needs, they also bring an additional level of security to your household. If you are seriously thinking about making this type of investment, don’t be surprised to see many different styles on the market. Below is a list of possible fencing options that might work well for your needs.

Picket Fence

Picket fences, especially those made of wood, are a popular choice going way back in our history. These fences are made with long wooden pickets lined close together, blocking out most of the view of your yard. These fences have a very traditional look and are usually the most budget-friendly of other options. Still, while affordable, they are generally made with pressure-treated lumber, which requires regular maintenance to prevent mold, mildew, or rot from developing.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is probably one of the most effective in blocking out the view of your outdoor space from prying eyes. They are made by placing long rectangular pieces of vinyl side-by-side, so there is no visibility area through the fencing. They usually come in one single color, but the more decorative styles could come in a variety of designs and colors. Another advantage of vinyl fencing is that it doesn’t require much maintenance and, under the right conditions, can last for 50 years

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing uses an aluminum frame that supports long vinyl panels. These fences are quite attractive and provide an elegant two-toned color that is highly effective at blocking the view of those passers-by. Both aluminum and vinyl are incredibly low-maintenance. Once installed, occasional cleaning is all you’ll need to keep it looking its best for decades.

If you’re not sure what fencing option is best for your home, take a few minutes and chat with a fencing professional. We will be able to offer you specific help in making the best decision for your personal needs and budget!

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