Board on Board Fence Vs. Stockade Fence

Board On Board Fence Vs. Stockade Fence

Privacy fences provide many benefits. 

Almost every home can benefit from a privacy fence, but the perfect fence is different for each homeowner. To choose between board on board and stockade fence styles, consider the pros and cons of each.

While both provide good privacy and containment, there are key differences.

Stockade Fence

This privacy fence style is made up of many individual planks tightly placed edge-to-edge to form a wall. Unlike picket fences, there will be no gap between each individual board.

Stockade Fence Pros:

  • Privacy. The edge-to-edge nature of stockade fences provides good privacy compared to picket, chain link, or metal fences.
  • Security. Stockade fences create a solid wall to keep out animals and intruders.
  • Easy repairs. Individual boards are very easy to remove and replace on stockade fences.

Stockade Fence Cons:

  • Warping wood creates gaps. Wooden planks will contract when exposed to the elements, creating gaps between some fence boards. This lessens the effectiveness of the stockade’s privacy and security over time.

Board-on-Board Fence

This style of privacy fence doesn’t line planks up edge-to-edge but instead overlaps them in an alternating pattern. This results in no visible seams at all.

Board on Board Pros:

  • Lasting Privacy and Security. The overlapping planks of the board-on-board style maintain a gapless wall even after the planks constrict over time.
  • Visual Interest. Instead of a flat surface, board-on-board fences give an almost three-dimensional feeling to the fence.

Board on Board Cons:

  • More expensive. Overlapping the boards means more material is needed for every linear foot compared to a stockade fence.
  • Difficult repairs. If a single plank is damaged, repairs will require you to remove several of the overlapping boards during the process.

Consult the Professionals

If you need a board-on-board, stockade, or any other style of fence, the experts at Liberty Fence & Deck Co are here to help. Contact us to get a free estimate or consultation and put our decades of experience to work finding the best fence for your needs and budget.

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