Can Chain Link Fence Decrease Property Value?

Chain Link Fence

If you have plans to move out or sell in the near future, property value is probably always in the back of your mind when making home improvements, and with reason! Therefore, it’s crucial to consider how any investments will increase or decrease your property’s value down the line.

The first thing a potential home buyer sees is the exterior of the house, including the fence. Installing a quality and appealing fence can contribute to maximizing your ROI (return on investment). 

For example, chain link fences have been around since the 19th century are a standard option in many US neighborhoods. But have you considered how they might affect your property value?

Residential vs Commercial Properties

Styles and materials vary when being used for residential versus commercial properties. For example, chain link fences are considered standard for many businesses and recreational areas, but there are better options when selecting materials for a residential property. 

In the same way, improvements on your home and yard to increase value might not be beneficial to commercial properties or vice versa. 

Generally speaking, chain link fences are not the way to go to increase the overall value of your home. In some neighborhoods, however, installing one can have the exact opposite effect, devaluing your property.

What a Chain Link Fence Can Offer You

While chain link fences aren’t necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing option for homes, they do offer other benefits for commercial properties:

  • Affordable
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to repair
  • Security
  • Containment
  • Visibility through the fence

Homeowners have also found ways to spruce up their chain link fences with privacy slots, painting, or planting vines attached to the fence.

Fencing That Increases Property Value

Curb appeal in a residential neighborhood is on the minds of homebuyers. Therefore, materials and quality are two factors to analyze when looking to increase property value with a fence installation. 

Resistant privacy fences, made from either vinyl or wood, add a secluded notion to your property which many homebuyers seek out. Additionally, wood fences are typically a more affordable option and are incredibly customizable to fit your style and needs. 

On the other hand, aluminum fencing offers a modern look and provides optimal security, which, in turn, boosts property value.

Liberty Fence to Help Increase Property Value

Whether you plan on moving out and selling soon or are already residing in your dream home, installing a lasting fence will bring value to any property. With so many quality options to choose from, you will no doubt find the best fence for your home with the help of our team!

At Liberty Fence, we service the Fargo-Moorhead communities for all your fencing and decking needs. Contact us today if you have questions regarding materials and pricing, or fill out our brief online form to receive a free fence estimate and more information on installing the perfect fence for your property!

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