Security Fencing – Your Key to a Safer Property

Security Fencing – Your Key To A Safer Property

Everyone wants to keep their home or business safe and secure. If you want to protect your home, you might invest in a high-end security system that has everything from motion detectors and wifi-cameras to alert you that there is an intruder. If you own a business with inventory, you might have special locks on your doors, bars on your windows, and insurance to cover your goods in the case of theft. 

But what if you could prevent the not-so-good-intentioned intruder from even getting close the building at all? You can, and the solution is simple: security fencing.

Security Fencing for Peace of Mind

A security fence can protect children and pets in your backyard, or fleet vehicles parked behind your warehouse. A high-security fence tells the lackadaisical criminal that your home or business is going to be a challenge to invade that potentially causes injury, and will probably move on. It is a perfect solution and a handy crime deterrent. 

So what is the difference between security fencing and regular fencing? First off, a sturdy material, such as aluminum, is one difference between a security fence. We previously wrote an informative article about aluminum fencing and how attractive and practical it is (not to mention eco-friendly). In addition to the fence being tough and hard to breach, the top edge of the fence should have some anti-climb device. This element could be arrowhead points or angled points, barbed wire, or spikes. 

Some security fencing is temporary, or semi-temporary, such as fencing around a construction or work site. Not only do you want to prevent anyone from trespassing on a worksite, but you also want to keep passersby safe from a hazardous workspace.

Secure Your Home

Install security fencing to secure your home or business.

An Attractive Solution

You’re probably wondering if these types of fences are attractive, and something you would ever want to be installed around your home. Aluminum fencing is a very attractive fence material, and palisade style fences with spiked or angled tips are almost impossible to climb over. But you can install more affordable, less attractive options if you are more concerned about functionality and budget. A chain-link fence with a barbed wire anti-climb device on top is a classic security fence used everywhere and can be very cost-effective. 

At Liberty Fence, we consider placement, materials, function, and aesthetic when installing your security fence. If you want the adding peace of mind and protection of a security fence on the parameter of your property, contact Liberty Fence today for a quote.

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