Wood vs. Composite Fence: Pros and Cons

wood fence

Fencing is an excellent investment that adds to your property value and gives you privacy and safety in your home. But not all fence materials are created equal. Each has its pros and cons that should be weighed before committing to a certain kind of fence.

The Advantages of a Wood Fence

Wood fencing adds a warm, rustic feel to any home. You can stain or paint it to match your outside decor and easily replace damaged pieces. If you decide to reside or paint your house, your fence color can quickly be adjusted to match. 

Wood fencing is also more affordable up front than composite fencing. On average, you’ll pay around $10 less per foot on a wood fence. 

It’s not surprising then that so many people prefer wood fences.

The Cons

Of course, there’s always a catch. Because wood is a natural resource, it needs to be maintained regularly. That means you can expect to restrain or repaint your wood every few years. 

Also, wood will be prone to rot and termite damage requiring regular repairs and replacements. It’s estimated that you can expect to pay $20 per square foot in fence maintenance.

The Advantages of a Composite Fence

Composite fences sometimes come in prefabricated panels, making set up much faster than the single pieces of wood fencing. 

Most composite fences have at least a 20-year warranty because they require little to no maintenance. Simply spray it down when needed. You also won’t have to worry about rot, termites, or refinishing your composite fence.

The Cons

One of the few downsides of composite fencing is the cost. Per foot, it costs more than $10 a foot more than wood fencing, and that’s not including the prefabricated styles. 

The other con of composite fences is the initial look. Many prefer the wood aesthetic to composite even though it takes more maintenance.

What’s the Best Fence for Your Property

You want a fence that fits your budget, home athletics, and lifestyle. Finding suitable fence materials doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming. Have the experts at Liberty Fence in Moorhead, MN to help you with all your home fencing needs.

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