Fencing – The Best Backdrop for Stunning Landscaping

As a homeowner, maximizing your living space (outdoor included!) and ramping up your curb appeal is always on the to-do list, especially during the busy months of spring.
Fencing – The Best Backdrop For Stunning Landscaping

Installing a gorgeous fence on your property is a fast-track ticket to beautifying your yard without compromising on practicality. Fencing can heighten security levels and increase property value, while being a key player in the overall cosmetics of your home’s outdoor area.

Liberty Fence & Deck Co. fences are beautiful on their own, to be sure. Still, a fence’s beauty can be taken to the next level with a little elbow grease and some greenery. After all, it is planting season!

That’s why we’re here with some fool-proof, low-maintenance tips on how to incorporate our gorgeous fencing into your landscaping so you can have the backyard oasis you have always dreamed of. Don’t worry; no green thumb necessary! We’ll be sharing tips on what plants are native to North Dakota and Minnesota (aka which ones are easiest to grow).

Hanging Baskets & Planter Boxes

Fencing creates a perfect backdrop for featuring our earth’s bountiful foliage. Nothing pulls an outdoor space together like a bit of simple landscaping.

Perhaps the easiest way to landscape without having to worry about excessive weeding or upkeep is to incorporate hanging baskets or planter boxes into your backyard. You can make a trip to the local nursery and have the supplies in no time. Then, it’s just a matter of filling the planters with soil, planting the plants, and hanging them on your fence!

Fencing – The Best Backdrop For Stunning Landscaping

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets filled with a variety of perennials and cascading mosses truly pop out to the eye and demand to be seen. The baskets themselves come in a large variety of styles and can be chosen based on your personal aesthetic.

An array of colorful flowers neatly arranged in a sweet basket is a perfect ornament to hang at intervals on fence posts.  

Planter Boxes

Planter boxes can also be hung on fencing, and present a great opportunity for having the herb or salsa garden you’ve always wanted. Lifting the planter boxes off the ground and screwing them on to the fence will ensure they get the sun they need as well as guarantee easy access for you as soon as it’s taco night and you need to whip up some homemade salsa!

If you are leaning toward the edible side of landscaping, Plant Native includes wild strawberries, mountain mint, and wild garlic on their great list of plants native to the North Dakota and Western Minnesota region. Yum!

A pro tip:

“Make sure that you select something lightweight, as anything heavy will more than likely cause your fence to lean. Furthermore, ensure that all of the pieces are properly and securely screwed into the wood of your fence,” advises the Home & Garden Artisans at Working with Artists.

All Liberty Fence fences are sure to be strong and sturdy. However, when hanging things on individual fence posts, it is generally best to opt for lightweight planters and décor, as a preventative measure.

Lovely Fence Line Landscaping Ideas

When you install a Liberty Fence & Deck Co. fence, you’ll be left with a stunning fence line bordering the oasis that is your backyard. The soil running along the fence line presents an ideal spot for landscaping against the backdrop of the fence.

Fencing – The Best Backdrop For Stunning Landscaping

Shrubs & Hedging

Hedging and ornamental grasses such as Switchgrass look absolutely lovely when planted along a fence line. You can opt for a short ground cover shrub like Creeping Juniper or spring for something with a bit more height such as Pussy Willow or Gray Dogwood.

Taller shrubbery can work along with your fence to increase the privacy of your home and outdoor space. For homeowners with a back yard pool, thick shrubbery paired with privacy fencing is a great option.

Rock Work

One of the biggest trends for the 2019 landscaping season is ‘low maintenance landscaping’. It’s no surprise. The modern homeowner does not typically have time or energy for squeezing in weeding, gardening, and extensive yard maintenance.

For simplicity’s sake, as well as for aesthetics, many homeowners are choosing to incorporate rock into their backyard, and especially along the fence line. A rock garden! Different types of rock and stone offer a wide variety of textures and visual appeal. Plus, rocks don’t need to be watered. Rocks rock!

Flower Beds

The fence line is a great location for creating picturesque flower beds. Planting flowers and vegetation along the fence line keeps the rest of the yard wide open for kids, pets, gatherings, and general relaxation.

A flower bed running along the entire length of your fence, even if just one or two feet in depth, can do a lot to boost the visual appeal of your back yard. Place a fountain or bird bath in one of the corners, and suddenly, your backyard is looking extremely polished!

According to Midwest Living magazine, here are some of the top easiest plants to grow in the Midwest, for all you Fargo-Moorhead area gardeners looking for some low-maintenance blooms:

  • Blanket flower
  • Poppy
  • Russian sage
  • Catmint
  • Peony
  • Hardy hibiscus

No matter what kind of foliage you choose, having a bit of greenery and color in an outdoor space makes the overall environment far more welcoming and calming.

Fencing Decor

The decoration possibilities a fence creates are truly endless. When you have a fence installed, it’s like cracking open a world of new curb appeal fun! Here are just a few ideas for how to decorate your Liberty Fence & Deck Co. fence.

Fun Lighting

Good lighting boosts the ambiance of any space. Fencing can be utilized as a perfectly convenient ‘lamp stand’, of sorts. All you need is some outdoor solar twinkle lights or some Edison bulbs to string along your fence, and voila! you’ve got a party space!

Placing metal lanterns or tiki torches in the soil along with fence line is another great way to add some warm light to a back yard space.


Birdhouses, metal sculptures, welcome signs, vintage window frames, marquee letters, chalk boards, party photo backdrops, and the list goes on and on! Let your imagination run wild with ideas for how to decorate your fence.

Lattice Work

If you incorporate lattice work into your fence (particularly for wood fencing), it is a perfect opportunity to grow some vines. Why not get some hops (also native to North Dakota) and weave them through the lattice on your fence? You could have the makings of some home brew in no time!

Install a Fence – Boost Your Curb Appeal

Fencing – The Best Backdrop For Stunning Landscaping

Fence installation opens up a whole new playing field for landscaping on your property. Here at Liberty Fence, we are always ready to help you take your backyard (or front yard!) to the next level.

Wondering what fence type to choose? Check out our fencing material comparison chart or take a look below at some fences that can help you achieve the picture-perfect backyard.

Liberty Fence’s Best Fence Types for Beautiful Landscaping:

Wood Fencing Style Options – What Is Best For Your Property?
Wood Picket Fence

Try painting your picket fence a fun color, like yellow or robin’s egg blue!

Wood Fencing Style Options – What Is Best For Your Property?
Dog-Eared Cedar Fence

Wood is best for hanging planters or décor, since it’s easy to screw into.

Fencing Price & Quality Comparison Chart
White Vinyl (PVC) Fence

A classy, low-maintenance backdrop for any landscaping style.

Fencing – The Best Backdrop For Stunning Landscaping
Black Aluminum Fence

For an old English feel. All you need is some rose bushes!

Don’t forget to get in touch to get an estimate on your free fence or deck installation. Liberty Fence and Deck Co. is proud to serve any of our neighbors within a 99 mile radius of the Moorhead, MN / Fargo, ND area. We look forward to working with you!

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