Wood Fencing Style Options – What is Best for Your Property?

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Wood Fencing Style Options – What Is Best For Your Property?

Now that you have nailed down cedar as your fencing material of choice, it is time to figure out which wood fencing style is best suited for your property.

It is hard to go wrong with the classic look of a cedar fence. Still, the type of wood fencing you choose may vary based on your purpose of installation, desired aesthetic, budget, and other relevant factors.  

Dog-Ear Cedar Fencing

Wood Fencing Style Options – What Is Best For Your Property?

Dog-eared cedar fencing is usually what comes to mind when you think ‘wood fence’. It is the most classic and cost-effective wood fence on the menu.

In line with its name, each individual cedar plank on this type of fence has two small, angled cuts on both sides at the top, creating the ‘dog ear’ effect.

All fence boards are hung on one side of the fence. Typically, homeowners opt for having the boards face the exterior of the property, which leaves the two by four supports exposed on the interior side.

Dog-eared wood fencing can offer either full or limited privacy, depending on how close the wood planks are hung together and how tall the fence is. If the cedar planks are butted up flush with each other, the privacy level is high, but the further they are spaced out, the more privacy is lost. Generally, the taller the fence is, the more privacy it will offer.

Realty Times advises that “Installing a fence in your backyard for privacy purposes will increase marketability for your home with prospective buyers when selling.” This is especially true for buyers that have pets or children who do not want the added expense of immediately installing a fence after purchasing a home.

Dog-eared fences are best for homeowners who…

  • Like a classic look
  • Are desirous of high privacy
  • Want a closed-off back yard
  • Need to contain pets and kids
  • Want a budget-friendly yet high-quality option
  • Are interested in selling in the future

Wood Picket Fencing

Wood Fencing Style Options – What Is Best For Your Property?

Typically seen bordering colonial American properties, picket fencing is a long-held national tradition. The specific look of picket fencing varies based on the height and style of the planks.

Picket fence planks can be cut to a dog-eared or pointed style. More decorative styles are also available, such as Gothic (original, French, or Virginia), rounded, or even just left flat at the top.

Traditionally, picket fences are often painted white and act as a quintessential border around a yard. Most picket fences are rather short and do not offer a great deal of privacy, since the planks are normally spaced out.

Picket fences are best for homeowners who…

  • Want to increase their curb appeal and accent landscaping
  • Have small pets to contain
  • Are drawn to the classic, colonial look
  • Need front yard fencing

‘Good Neighbor’ Wood Fencing

Wood Fencing Style Options – What Is Best For Your Property?

Also known as ‘shadowbox’ fencing, ‘good neighbor’ fences are aptly named to reflect the sentiment of looking out for the interests of your next-door neighbors.

While some homeowners feel that if they are paying for the fence, they should get to look at the nice side from inside their yard, others act on behalf of the neighborhood and opt to be the ones who have to look at the two-by-four supports.

The ‘good neighbor’ fence is the best of both worlds. With alternating pickets on each side of the fence, nobody has to look at the 2x4s! These fences offer reasonably good privacy while lending to the beauty and peace of the neighborhood.

Good neighbor fencing can be topped off with lattice work or other decorative features to boost its appeal even further.

‘Good neighbor’ wood fences are best for homeowners who…

  • Want to foster good relationships with their neighbors
  • Care about having reasonably good privacy
  • Need to keep pets and kids contained

Scalloped Wood Fence

Wood Fencing Style Options – What Is Best For Your Property?

Adding scalloping to your wood fence is a clever way to bring unique beauty to even tall, stark privacy fencing. Scalloped wood fencing is characterized by either convex or concave cuts to give a wavy effect to the entire fence line, in imitation of the shell of the sea creature it is named for.

Scalloping can be added to a picket fence, ‘good neighbor’ fence, privacy fence, and more. While it will not contribute to the functionality of the fence, scalloping a fence will add a decorative element to the property it’s installed on.

Scalloped wood fences are best for homeowners who…

  • Want to ramp up their curb appeal
  • Love to garden and want a beautiful backdrop for it
  • Are bored by the thought of a regular wood fence

Framed Wood Fencing

Wood Fencing Style Options – What Is Best For Your Property?

Framed cedar fences offer a unique look. In keeping with its name, each section of fencing looks like a rectangular, boxed-in picture frame. The planks can be hung either vertically or horizontally, and are typically installed flush with one another.

This style of wood fencing typically offers high privacy and can increase the aesthetic appeal of a property. Many modern fencing trends have been centered on framed wood fencing. Framed wood fences look especially nice when paired with steel posts between each section.

Framed wood fences are best for homeowners who…

  • Need high privacy
  • Want a unique, trendy look
  • Would like to incorporate steel posts

Fence Post Customization

Wood Fencing Style Options – What Is Best For Your Property?

At Liberty Fence, we install our top-notch wood fences with standard 4×4 wood fence posts. Depending on the fence and homeowner, some opt for a 4×6 fence posts. These bigger posts can offer an extra measure of strength and durability to the fence.

For even greater stability and longevity, we also offer steel fence posts. Steel fencing posts are a nice option because they never rot and are impervious to pests. They will not need re-staining or much maintenance at all. Stunning steel posts are also a great way to maximize the visual appeal of a wood fence.

Install a Cedar Wood Fence

Are you committed to a certain style of cedar fence? Hopefully our pro tips helped you seal the deal on what is the right fencing for you. Don’t forget to check out our Wood Fencing Gallery to get inspired!

Whatever fence you are going for, Liberty Fence has the top-quality craftsmanship and experience to install it. With all Liberty fences comes optimal functionality and beauty. When you choose Liberty Fence as your Fargo-Moorhead fencing contractor, you can count on getting a stunning and sturdy fence at a fair price.

Why not get in touch for a free estimate on your wood fencing project?

Don’t forget to stay tuned for our second blog in the Fencing Tips from North Dakota’s Leading Fence Company series! More fence installation hacks coming soon.

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