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Fencing & Decking Blog

Our specialty is fencing in Minnesota & North Dakota, so we write about fencing in MN & ND.  Whether you are new or a native to our frozen tundra, we hope you will find something in our blog about fencing that will both intrigue & educate.

Tips for Upper Midwest Homeowners

Our Fencing & Decking Blog features insider tips on the best fencing and deck installation styles for Upper Midwest homeowners looking to boost curb appeal and security on their property without breaking the budget. Read on to find out what fence is best for your property and learn about logistics on installation.

Security Fencing – Your Key To A Safer Property
Fence Installation

Security Fencing – Your Key to a Safer Property

Everyone wants to keep their home or business safe and secure. If you want to protect your home, you might invest in a high-end security system that has everything from motion detectors and wifi-cameras to alert you that there is an intruder. If you own a business with inventory, you might have special locks on

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Fasten Your Fence & Deck With Quality – Fencing And Decking Fasteners
Fence Installation

Fasten Your Fence & Deck with Quality – Fencing and Decking Fasteners

A key part of a quality fence or deck build is using top-notch fasteners. Cutting corners on securing your fence or deck leads to a poor long-term outcome and more money out of your pocket in repair costs down the road. Here are tips about fasteners to help you choose a contractor that will do the job credibly without cutting corners to save a dime.

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Low Maintenance Decking – Opt For Composite
Composite Decking

Low Maintenance Decking – Opt for Composite

Looking to build a deck that looks fabulous for years to come WITHOUT the burden of maintenance? Trex composite decking may be your best bet. It may come at a little higher cost, but savings (in time and money) on maintenance paired with its eco-friendliness may convince you that the investment is worth it. Keep reading to see if Trex is right for your next decking project!

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The Most Popular Fence In America – 6 Foot White Pvc Privacy Fence
Fence Installation

The Most Popular Fence in America – 6 Foot White PVC Privacy Fence

Not every trend is worth following, to be sure. Still, some trends have become such for good reason. Find out what makes 6-foot white vinyl privacy fencing America’s most popular fence and whether or not it’s the right fence for you. Don’t miss: insider tips on how to get a superior fence product from your local fence contractor.

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Does Installing A Fence Increase Property Value?
Fence Installation

Does Installing a Fence Increase Property Value?

If you are planning to sell your home in the next 5 years or you simply want to be careful about what investments you make on your property, it’s prudent to consider how installing a fence may increase your property value. Still, not just any fence will do! Read on to find out how to install a fence with a profitable ROI.

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8 Steps To Wood Fence Maintenance
Cedar Fences

8 Steps to Wood Fence Maintenance

No matter how good of materials you use or how professional the installation is, all fences will need care to maintain beauty and functionality. We’re here with 8 simple steps to ensuring your fence looks great and lasts for years to come.

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